Wildlife Wednesday ~ Geese

The Goose Family. When they first hatched their were seven goslings. They are down to six now.

They can swim and walk real good.

Their parents are very vigilant.

They leave our property sometimes and go into the field next door.

But they  have been coming back, so maybe this year we will get to see them grow up..

The goslings are very good at hiding.

We likes it when they swim all in a row and we can see them.

They  can walk around good too.

Aren't they adorable?

They aren't the least bit afraid of us cats and dogs. 

After reading several comments we has to say our geese are very well behaved. As long as we leave them alone they leave us alone. Fenris and the Gander do play together but their seems to be a mutual agreement on both sides, as no one gets hurt, and it really does look as if they are playing. They mainly stay on the back side of the property when they are here, they spend most of their time in the field next door so they don't poop in our yard much.We actually enjoys having them around, but we are glad that it is just one Goose family and not a whole gaggle of them.

~Tuiren, reporting for Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs


  1. Awwwww we hope the six gosling make it to adulthood! They are such a beautiful family! Yay! Take care

  2. They are really cute. I'm glad your geese are well behaved... I had an adventure with a gander who wasn't :o)

  3. awww... feathery squee!
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  4. The goslings are adorable. I've always liked geese, though I know from personal experience how mean they can be, particularly when protecting their young. Our neighbour, when I was growing up, raised geese, among other birds, and I can remember the parents charging at the fence, hissing like crazy. I wouldn't dare go too near to one in the wild! :-)

    -the human

  5. They are adorable and mum loves seeing all the little yellow feathers bobbing around when she is out and about. You are so lucky having them close by your land. I bet they feel so safe there and will stay until they are grown. Hugs GJ x

  6. Aw! That is one adorable family! Hope that you can watch them through the whole spring and summer!

  7. What a gorgeous family of geese. Glad that they are not mean to any of you.

  8. Goslings are so darn cute, but like all babies they grow up too quick. We were sad to hear a gosling is missing :(

    Of course, if the goslings stay you'll have eight geese...just sayin'.

  9. What lovely little fluff ball goosies. Glad to hear there is an agreement of sorts to prevent bloodshed but just take care as parent geese can be very protective especially with their goslings. Really hope they stay and I'll look forward to reading their updates.

  10. Those little babies are cute. It's amazing that they aren't afraid of the woofies at all.

  11. The geese knows they is in a safe place for their babies. Lets hopes they sticks around!


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