Fenris' Fit Friday

Ok, we don't have many parks around here where doggies are welcome. We can go to Gulf Island National Seashore but the gnats are too bad right now we has to wait for Winter. I also gets to walk on the beach and downtown Ocean Springs but Mommy never takes pictures. But me and Junior do get to walk around our property so we hoped this would qualify for a Fit Friday. We are taking a break to admire the flowers blooming at the Hummingbird Cottage.

Well me and Mommy are admiring the flowers. Junior aka Mr. Who is eating crawfish. Do you see the crawfish mound behind him. They pop up all over our yard after a rain and make Daddy cross. Tuiren and Who like to dig them up and eat them, leaving holes in the yard for Mommy to step in which makes her cross.

The roses are just gorgeous. We has red ones.

and light pink ones blooming right now, in a few days the hot pink ones will be blooming.

And now for the best picture of all a picture of ME!!!!!

The white roses are blooming too and can you see we has flowers blooming on the ROOF.

Now we are in the woods, this is a Calla Lily we thinks. Not sure how it wound up here.

A humongous shrub that is blooming, we can't remember it's name right now. It grows wild.

OK, we are back at the Hummingbird Cottage. This hanging basket is looking good.

And I likes the white roses. Hope you enjoyed our walk. ~Fenris reporting for Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs


  1. Lovely and Beautiful walk. No flowers yet on our rose bushes. Golden Thanks for taking us with your walk. Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Pictures of you are always wonderful, gorgeous Fenris!! Aww but it's so lovely to see Mr Who in action and all your beautiful blooms in your fabulous garden! Yay! take care

  3. That IS a great pic of you, Fenris - we need to see you more often:) Love all the flowers there, but crawfish in your yard???? That is crazy.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Thanks you fur showing us you flowahs. We only see flowahs in the wild coz my mom has the blackest thumb in the werld. I do my pawt when she do tries to plant flowahs. As soon as she be done, I pull the plants out to SAVE THEM from HER! So mom does not even try any more, BOL. See, peeps can be trained if'n you tries hard enuff.

  5. Have a great Fenris-Friday - you look great - what a cool picture!

  6. Hi Fenris! You mean crawfish just show up in your yard?? That's really strange!!

  7. OUR Yard is too far from water fur crawfish... butt we DO have Ground MOLES... and we LOVE digging fur those...
    Your yard is Gorgeous. We remember the construction of the Hummingbird Cottage. It is our FAVORITE Feature in your lawn.

  8. PeeS... hehehe we also remember the CHAIRS and the troubles they caused.

  9. Are they tasty Mr Who?
    Benny & Lily

  10. On thanks Fenris, for that nice walk. Your flowers are always so pretty. Take care.

  11. Crawfish? As in crayfish? In your yard? We had to Google, because we thought they would be salt water residents (thinking lobster), but we found out they're fresh water denizens. We had no idea they could just pop up after a rain. Do your humans eat them?

    As for the all the blooms--they're always stunning!

  12. I think you have wonderful places to walk. Love all the beautiful flowers and gorgeous picture of you.. Hugs GJ xx

  13. Your roses are lovely--we've seen a lot of pretty roses here in town, too.

    We have never seen crawfish mounds--they are as big a pain as mole hills! Do your humans boil and eat those critters?

    Wild calla lilies do exist. That is probably what you have out there.

  14. fenris...we DID enjoy de walk...N we feel plentee fit...think we will cook up sum trout N burgerz for everee one after all that :) stop by in 'bout....13 minits !!

    hope everee one haza grate week oh end !

  15. Great fun!!! I deu lubbs the flowers!!!

    wif lubbs from Little Reufus

  16. What a great fit dog Fenris!
    We are surprised those craw fish.
    Around where we live you never see them in yards. Just in some of the creek beds
    Timmy T

  17. I agree, the best pic is of you!

  18. Hi Fenris!! Very good garden tour...ummm...I think maybe that calla lily is poisonous for the kitties? Maybe it should be dedded by Mom or dad? just a thought, paw pats, Savannah


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