Thursday in the Garden

OK,  we has lots to show you this week, the Hanging baskets. We told you about them earlier but this is a better view of them.

The coral honeysuckle, can you see it has a yellow inside?

The roses.

The Crossvine. Mommy just got it

The Clematis. It has done really well.

The Gaura.
Some wildflowers.

A closeup of the Crossvine. They are pink on the outside and yellow striped on the inside. It is very pretty.

Salvia, we just love the lavender color.

The tobacco plants are doing well in the Charybdis Bed.

We likes the pretty pink this one is.

The Washington Hawthorne, it is doing great this year.

The Chinese Witch Hazel. It has lots of hot pink blooms on it this year.

Our Coral Bean, it is a native plant.

We are very excited about having it.

The Sweetshrub is doing OK, we wonders if it will ever bloom for us.

The herb bed is looking nice.

The Citronella is doing really well.

We also planted some dill.

It is a host plant for butterflies.

And some parsley to make Mommy's breath smell better, as well as some Cilantro.

Now we are off to make our report to the Society of Feline Gardeners.

Hi Jonesie, ~Socks & Scylla reporting for Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs


  1. Wow, you have so many great flowers. They are just gorgeous. Hope all have a good day.

  2. You have such an incredible variety of flowers and plants. We didn't know dill would attract butterflies. Hmm, wonder if we should try some in our own garden!

  3. That was a nice garden-tour - Thanks.
    I never heard about this special Bean - it looks magic :o)

  4. That is such a pretty tour! Don't let your Momma know you think she has bad breath, then she won't give you as many kissies!!

  5. We love your pretty flowers. Nicotiana (flowering tobacco) is one of my old favorites. I like dill as much as the butterflies!

  6. socks & scylla...yur garden iz awesum...we haz sum salvia but itz onlee a yeer old...noe flowers tho ??

    oh, N tell yur mom to forget de parsley...if her wants sweet smellin breath her shuld eat sum mackerull !!

  7. My goodness what an extensive and nice garden. Anytime you are in PA... MOL

  8. We should have explained about the dill, the butterflies lay eggs on it and it gets gobbled up by caterpillars. The same thing happens to our May Pop.


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