Thursday in the Garden

The is a Vinca Vine Enredadera Vinca it is often called a Periwinkle Flower. That is what Mommy calls it.

Mommy decided to do some special planters this year. This one has Purple Fountain Grass, White Lantana, Burgundy Superbena, a Tobacco Plant and Joseph's Coat (we thinks, Grandma gave it to her so we are not sure that is it's name).

This planter has the same stuff cept it has Yellow Lantana instead of Burgundy Superbena.

She put them out front.

This is a side view of them.

Remember our water fountain down at the Butterfly Garden, well the pump broke. Daddy was going to fix it but he never got around to it so Mommy decided to plant flowers in it. There is Asparagus Fern in the top and then the Periwinkle Flower and another type of Vinca on the bottom.

Right now the 3 other bowls are empty because we didn't know what to put in them. They are very shallow.

And the lyreleaf sage grows wild here and looks very pretty. 

Now we are off to Jonesie's to make our report to The Society of Feline Gardeners. ~Socks & Scylla, reporting for Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs


  1. The planter boxes are especially lovely! I think I should get TBT to do more of those. ~ Iza

  2. You always have such a beautiful garden. That is a lot of work for sure. The photos are so pretty.

  3. I bet that fountain looks beautiful when it's on. I really like that idea!

  4. Your fountain is just beautiful ... it looks realle great!

  5. We LOVE the Re-Purposing of the Fountain... PREFECT.

    Your flowers and landscaping are just LOVELY.

  6. Such a pretty planter
    Benny & Lily

  7. scylla N socks...awesum garden...thanx for sharin....what bout puttin sum.....flounder, mackerull & trout in de three pots that R emptee !!


  8. Such lovely plantings! Succulents or low growing sedum would do well in shallow bowls. However, your fountain looks like it is in a semi shady area.

  9. Excellent report socks and scylla. Any chance I can persuade your mum to come and sort my garden....?

  10. Dad says he loves the way you put the little plants in their beds. He has a brown thumb.


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