Wildlife Wednesday with Flowers

The Coral Bean, I bet the Hummingbirds are going to love it.

The Foxgloves loved all the rain we got we has lots of them this year and they are blooming up a storm.

More pictures of the Coral Bean.

The Pineapple Sage.

The Gaura, Mommy really needs to weed this bed.

The roses.

The Verbena.

Goldflame Honeysuckle

Cape Cod Honeysuckle.

The Butterfly Garden

The Bottlebrush.

The Trumpet Vine

The Golden Globe, in the Whiskers Bed.

Mommy weeded around the Wisteria, they looks lots better now.

The Goose family, sorry about the poor quality of the pictures. Mommy took them at dusk. She came to call me in and saw them. I had to wait for them to move to come home as I didn't want to get to close to them. I wouldn't want to scare them.

The goslings are getting nice and plump.

~Socks, reporting for Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs


  1. Lovely to see the goslings and your beautiful garden thriving!!! Yay!! Thank you for another magical tour, lovely Socks! Take care

  2. Those goslings are adorable. Hmm, they'd be fun to "play" with! Except we know goose parents are vicious!

  3. Lovely pictures!

    The Paw Relations

  4. Your coral bean is "the must have" on my mom's bucket list, hope we will find such a plant here . Have a great wednesday!

  5. Your garden is lovely. I looked up the coral bean for more information--very interesting plant with unusual flowers.

    The goslings are so cute but don't get close. The adult geese are big and over protective!

  6. Even a goose family in the the butterfly garden! Cute
    Benny & Lily

  7. guys...ewe R all gonna bee in trubull for usin de "B" werd in yur post two day


    ~~~~~~~~~ :)

  8. Such pretty flowers! The coral bean is so unusual!

  9. They are all so pretty!

    Your pal, Pip


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