Not Fenris Friday

Mommy deserted us and went to visit the Grandparents. This butterfly was over at the barn. Mommy said it was getting minerals out of the soil.

Grandpa has lots of Boer Goats, he even has a blog about them. Mommy helped him do a post on Stonewall's Boer Goats while she was there.

This goat was very friendly.

This is one of Grandma's cats.

This is Grandpa's dog, Mutt. Look at his feet, they are huge. Mutt is a Great Pyrenees. He is MUCH BIGGER then Fenris.

He gets his name from an old cartoon called Mutt & Jeff.

We thinks this was suppose to be a butterfly picture.

The creek, Mommy used to play in it when she was little.

Mutt doesn't like Mommy.

Grandma's Gardenia's are blooming, just like ours. The rain turned ours brown so we got a picture of hers to share with you.

Mom loves this picture of Mutt.

This is Grandpa's favorite goat. He is solid red.

Mommy says this goat likes to show off.

Mostly the goats just wander around and eats grass, while Mutt stands around and guards them. We thinks he is very silly guarding them from Mommy.


  1. what cool photos! We LOVE "Mutt!!!"

  2. Your grandparents have a wonderful place! All the critters are terrific looking.

    Hmm, why doesn't Mutt like your mom? Or were you just kidding?

  3. What great pictures.

    The Paw Relations

  4. How great - your grampy has a "goat-monument" in his back yard - that's cool!

  5. Awwwww the goats are lovely and Mutt is just such a handsome chap!! Yay! take care

  6. way awesom pick sures socks N crew...thanx for sharin...N whoa...mutt looks like a ponee !!!

    R mom used ta play in de creek at her gramz houz two :) her calls them de good old days...

    we R like ya called that rite ladee coz ewe iz OLD ~~~~!!! R mom rememburrs dinosaurs :)

    heerz ta a grate week oh end :)

  7. Pawsome pictures !
    Me and mom think's the Boer goats are furry cute !!

  8. We think those goats are great! And we can't believe Mutt doesn't like your mom.

  9. Mutt is a big one...cute
    Benny & Lily


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