Scylla Sunday

 Mom, Mom, I thinks there is a bug in this flowerbed.

 Are you going to come see about it?

 Socks is taking care of it for us. He is a good big brother. Mommy on the other hand is a lousy photographer.

 I wanted Socks to play with me but he said NO. He is very rude sometimes.

 This is our Cape Honeysuckle, it is finally blooming.

Now I has something to ask you, it is really important. Can you please send healing purrs to my friends Benny from Two French Bulldogs.

He is fighting Liver Cancer, they has a Go Fund Me button on their blog for anyone who would like to make a financial contribution.

And please send lots and lots of healing purrs to my friend Thunder Dunder.

He is suffering from anemia and they do not know why. He is to tired to play and doesn't want to eat either. He needs lots of healing purrs right now.  So go by The Chronicle of Woos and let Thunder hear your purrs, I knows they will make him feel lots better.

~Scylla Reporting for Alasandra The Cats and Dogs


  1. You are both doing a great job watching over the flowers!

  2. Excellent job removing the bugs form the landscape. That's my job here too.

  3. I'm the bug-guard too - they are great for dessert. Have a great sunday - all my paws are crossed for all who need it

  4. Poor woofies, we are sending them our very best purrs and prayers.

    You are looking mighty pretty today Scylla, hugs and head boinks sweetie.

  5. Scylla, that was so nice of you to think of Thunder. We are all very grateful to you and all who are thinking good thoughts for him and for our pal Benny too.

    We always enjoy our visits to your garden.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Thanks for letting us know about those needing purrs Scylla. Maybe give Socks a light tap to get him going. Works in our house.

  7. How neat to have a garden.

    We hate it that Benny and Thunder are having such health problems!

  8. We're purring for your furriends.

  9. Socks is too busy getting that bug to play with you. Maybe when he's done he will play.

    We will purr for your furiends.

  10. Oh Scylla, I think I would like to play with but I don't goout in the "out" I will enjoy seeing you and your lovely garden. I think my garden needs some noms...stuff is not blooming so much...paw pats, Savannah


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