Tuiren Tuesday

Mommy took these pictures on my first day of freedom.  I bet you thought I would run around like a crazy lady. Nope I mostly just stood around looking at Mommy.

I played with Mr. Who a little. He is a pest.

We are almost the same size now.

Well at least in height.

And we are kinda the same color.

Mommy says we are both in the HOUND family. He is an Italian Greyhound and I am a Beagle.. I was glad that I could do some sniffing, Mommy isn't great about sniff breaks when she walks you on a leash.

Anyway after the sniffing I got back up in the Jungle Gym where I normally sit, and sat.

But I was happy I could chase lizards with Who and Fenris.

And I was glad I could walk down to the gate with them. We sit here when Mommy is weeding and wait for her.

I have been really GOOD and stayed in the backyard like I am suppose to.

It's nice being able to walk around it and explore.

I also like looking for Crawfish.

They are yummy to eat.

I has to be really fast or Who will get them. He is rude like that.

Sometimes he finds his own.

He sure does love to play and run. He wears me and Fenris out.

I am loving being healthy and having a home ~ Sweet Annie Tuiren, reporting for Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs


  1. Enjoy the freedom Tuiren and have a wonderful Tuiren-Tuesday

  2. Hurrah for your freedom, Tuiren! We're glad you're able to get out now and run around and play...and even eat those crawfish!

  3. Glad you are doing better buddy!! Enjoy it and catch some crawfish for me!

  4. Play with Fenris and Who, chase lizards, sniff everything you come to and catch yummy crawfish. You're free!!!

  5. Awwwww terrific Tuiren!! It's lovely to see you running around happy and healthy with amazing Mr Who and handsome Fenris!! Enjoy! take care

  6. WE are so THRILLED that you are Healthy and Happy now!!

  7. We are just as happy you are free
    Benny & Lily

  8. We are so happy you have your freedom now, Tuiren. Probably best you didn't get all wild and crazy so you can build up your stamina.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. That is nice seeing you nice and free Tuiren. Bet that feels good. You have been such a good girl through all that stuff. Take care.

  10. soooo happy to see you playing and well beautiful girl!

  11. tuiren...see....we toll ewe yur runnin dayz wuz just rite round de korner N ta da !!!!

    speekin oh crawfish.....who wants lunch :)

    veree happee ta see ewe up N about N bak ta doin beagle stuffs :)

  12. Hooray for freedom!

    Stop on by for a visit

  13. This was such a nice post from you today Tuiren. We are very happy you are doing so well! Enjoy your nice yard and your buddies. Thanks for visiting us and leaving such nice comments. We appreciated them!!
    Hugs & Purrs,
    Loretta & Kitty

  14. So happy to see you happy sweet one. We also want to thank you for Angel Chica's birthday wishes.

    cats of wildcat woods

  15. Tuiren, we're so glad you're able to play! Have fun!

    And we're so glad Socks got a good report from the vet.

  16. looks like fun! beautiful colors! A lot like my Max. I should write more about him. Wonder if the cats would mind??

  17. Hi Tuiren!! I'll be over first thing in the morning to play!!
    Your Knight in Shining Armor,

  18. Weze sooo glad to see you well Tuiren! Send some crawfish this way too!



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