Emergency Foster Home Needed for Female Cat -Update

I will post more info as I get it. A spayed long-haired orange female cat was rescued about a year ago. She was lethargic, and on the verge or dying. The rescuer took her in and nursed her back to health and found a home for her. Now the lady who took her has called and said that she will take her to the high kill shelter to be killed if a home/foster can't be found immediately. The rescuer can not take her back at this time as she is over her head with rescues.

She is spayed, up to date on shots and is supposedly getting Frontline Flea Treatment although the owner says she has fleas and her hair is matted she is currently being kept in a garage.

According to the former foster she is a very sweet cat.

If you can help please email osso (at) cableone (dot) net.

Or contact Ashley on Facebook.

I will update the post as I know more. The cat is in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

UPDATE July 26th - Sadly her former owner took her to the High KILL Jackson County Animal Shelter. I tried looking for her online there but did not see a cat matching the description I was given. They do not have to keep owner surrenders for any length of time.  Many of you have asked about her and tried to help, I want to thank you for trying and for caring.


  1. Paws Crossed fur a HOME... QUICKLY.

  2. We hope she finds a forever home really soon.

  3. I just tweeted it and shared it on Facebook and tagged you. If you have a photo, please share it on my Cat Chat With Caren & Cody facebook page with the info that I posted. Thanks!

  4. We have our paws crossed that this poor little girl is rescued from her horrible, blackmailing owner, and we hope that someone puts this owner's name on a blacklist so she can never adopt any animal again.

    Gerry & Mungo

  5. de blessings oh St Francis this kitteh finds a foster ore a forever home N quik lee.... we willna say what we wood like bout her livin conditionz rite now....blessings two her rescue mom who helped her in de furst place; we noe this has ta bee hard on her, knowing her canna take her back XOXO

  6. What gets into these people? She break up with her boyfriend or something?

    We really hope that kittie finds a home. If she was a little closer, we could at least harbor her until something permanent could be found. But we're a long ways away.


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