Mancat Monday

I wanted to introduce you to Connor, he could really use some help see he is an Adult Cat in a high kill shelter. You can find Connor at the Jackson County Animal Shelter.  I hate to say it but the poor guy's chances aren't good the shelter is full and it is the height of kitten season. If you can help Connor please contact  Jackson County Animal Shelter, Gautier, MS Phone # 228-497-6350

Also I want to tell you about a book I had Mommy read to me. It was inspired by our friend Sugar The Golden Retriever.

Sugar's Furry Friend by Maria Rosalyn Acero

A delightful book about the friendship between a golden retriever and a chipmunk. Perfect for the young children in your life.

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Now if you don't mind, I am going back to sleep.
~Socks reporting for Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs


  1. Our purrs fer Conner!

    And Wow, Socks, you really look FLAT out there...

  2. I will cross my paws for Connor and I hope he will find a furever home soon or a foster place.

  3. Oh, we are hoping someone can find Connor a forever home! After all that reporting Socks, you definitely need a nap!

  4. We purr for Connor that he will find a home soon.

  5. We hope Connor will find a new home or a new foster home very soon.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Mommy hasn't figured out how to do pictures from the smartphone. First most people couldn't see them now I look flat. ~Socks

  7. Lots of purrs and prayers for Conner!
    Socks I'll be right over to snuggle with you!! It's raining lots here to day!

  8. Hey Socks. I sure hope someone runs over to visit and gives connor a home

    You look so relaxed I think a nap is in order!

  9. blessings oh st Francis sum one steps up ta help connor XOXO

  10. Nice relaxin pose Socks! Connor sure is kyoot mom exclaimed.

    Fank yoo fer wishin me Happy Purrthday!

    Head butts,


  11. After all that important stuff, you deserve a rest!

  12. Oh Socks, I'm sorry Connor is so far former shelter would pull him otherwise. Have you tried Miss Dorian? Could she transport him to a cat sanctuary like she does other kitties?


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