No Pet Deaths Linked to Recall Contrary to Media Reports

Three dogs died after staying at The Pet Spot in Norwood where they ate Iams food, contrary to the news reports the food was not part of the recall of Iams and Eukanuba foods. Unfortunately the media rushed to link their deaths to the pet food recall and the doggie day care.

Proctor & Gamble with their resources were easily able to prove that their product wasn't to blame and that the food feed at Pet Spot was not on the recall list. And in fact was not even produced at the same facility that had the equipment malfunction that lead to the recall.

Pet Spot having fewer resources was unable to marshal a defense against the allegations, until Communications Director for P&G Pet Care, Jayson Taylor along with veterinarians in P&G's employee showed up. They went over Pet Spot with a fine tooth comb, ran test at P&G's expense and all of the veterinarian infectious disease tests have come back clean, as well as tests done on the facility's food and water.

According to the latest news report
The mysterious illness has pet owners puzzled.  Veterinarians now say a new virus seems to be the most likely cause, and it does not appear to be an ongoing epidemic. - Fox 19
No dog or cat deaths have been linked to the  voluntary pet food recall issued by Proctor & Gamble.

In fact Salmonella isn't likely to cause problems in healthy pets. The FDA's chief concern is with young children handling pet food and contacting Salmonella from it. When you bring any pet food into the house it should be handled the same as you would handle your own food. Do not allow young children to handle pet food (would you let them handle raw chicken?), wash hands thoroughly with hot soapy water after handling, wash pet bowls after use.

If you suspect a problem with the pet food, cease feeding the food immediately and call  the manufacturers customer care line if they have one.  Procter & Gamble closely monitors their customer care line and gathers data from it (more about that in another post), other companies may or may not, also contact the FDA directly if you feel it necessary.

Alasandra, Reporting for Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs   


  1. This is good information and although we are sad that any pet is injured it shows the importance of not jumping to conclusions.

  2. That's scary, I feel sorry for the pets and their families. Thanks for the information.

  3. That's scary, I feel sorry for the pets and their families. Thanks for the information.

  4. By the time WE heard about the sad situation, they must have Already proven that it was NOT the food that caused the problem.
    The News Blabbers Did say that the owner of the place had THOROUGHLY cleaned EVERYTHING even the food containers and Scoops.
    Sometimes Peeps are just TOO quick to point their Paws.

  5. You are so right Frankie and Timmy sometimes they jump to conclusions without gathering facts first.

    We are very sad for all the pets that got the virus. We are glad we don't live nearby or we would be very worried about our doggies. Thanks for coming by everyone.

  6. How sad for the facility and the pet owners :(

    People should always wash their pet food bowls regularly. I'm amazed at how many people don't do that!

  7. Omg!! Watch out!!! I'm sorry too!!:-(

  8. I always worry so much about what Katie is eating and what will happen. Especially when there are so many foods made in china.


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