Words on Wednesday

The Ladies of Autumn are having a Tea Party, where we are introducing ourselves. I sure do hope you will drop by and visit with us.

I wish Tinkee could come to the party, she is stuck in a HIGH KILL SHELTER in Gautier, Mississippi  If you have a home or rescue for Tinkee please call 228-497-6350

For those of you unfamiliar with the area Gautier is between Pascagula and Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Socks' 13 Birthday is August 19th, I hope you can come to his party. It seems fitting that BlogPaws has designated the month of August as its Senior Pets Celebration. Hey Socks' you can celebrate all month long since you are a Senior Pet.  They came up with this pawesome info-graphic, that I wanted to share with everyone.

Do you thinks I should get Socks some glasses for his birthday?

~Scylla, reporting for Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs 


  1. We hope Tinkee gets rescued quickly.

    A whole month to celebrate Sock's birthday sounds good to us!!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Meow we will be by for Socks B Day fur sure. Our Dad thinks our elder needs either glasses or hearing aids sometimes then old Buddy Budd is back to normal. Hmmm... We think it is a bid for treats

  3. MOL!! maybe some cool reading glassed...snicker, snicker

  4. Hey, tell Sister Dolly to get home before dark!

  5. We sure hope Tinkee finds a forever home soon. We will definitely be at Socks' birthday party -- how fun!

    Heading over to the tea party now.


  6. Sure hope she finds a great forever home. :)

  7. Wish we could bring all the Tinkees of the world home
    Benny & Lily

  8. My paws are crossed that she finds a great home soon.

    Your pal, Pip


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