Scylla Sunday

Nope, I am not coming down not even for treats.

Socks, you can't come up here. The Roof is MINE!

Socks are you eating my treats.

This is a huge dilemma.

I can stay on the roof and drive Daddy crazy with worry about me falling off.

Or I can get down and eat treats.

I am staying on the roof. It is getting dark so they will bring the really good stuff out to get me down. And MOL, the doggies are stuck inside until I come down. ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD


  1. You may be too smart for your own good, Scylla! I hope they bring out the good bribes soon....

    Love and licks,

  2. Uh-oh, I think they decided to leave me up here. I better get down. ~Scylla

    1. I'd get Scylla down,Before she falls and hurts herself! Because she might fall.And it's a myth that cats ALWAYS land on their feet! Trust me.(One time Star got stuck in a tree) and I was SO worried!! ~Ragdoll mommy&Star.

  3. Well done, bet you drove the folks crazy with this today. Soon you will get hungry and head on down for eats. Don't the humans understand that it has to be a cats idea to do something?

  4. Better to come down and get your treats Scylla.

  5. We bet you are down by now, Scylla. Ya can get real hungry just sittin up on a roof!

  6. Well you do look lovely up there sweet Scylla! Next time I'll come over and help you down.

  7. Nice to see a cat with a plan!

  8. I would eat your treats, too, if you weren't coming down lol

    Love, Scout

  9. You're very smart, Scylla. We hope you got the good stuff.

  10. Scylla, we hope that plan works out. Let us know, okay?


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