Thursday (Kinda) in the Garden

Mommy grew me some cat grass. She almost forgot about it, but it greened right up after she took it out of the cabinet in the garage and put it in the sun.

At first I wasn't sure what this was. I approached cautiously.

Then when I tried to eat it, it all came up. I am used to having to pull it out of the ground.

Not having it chase me.

I finally got the knack of eating it.

It is nice and tender.

Not as tasty as the grass outside, but it is OK.  I'll have to tell The Society of Feline Gardeners about it.

~Socks, reporting for ATCAD


  1. Avalon always went completely crazy when I served this to him.

  2. hehehe I like my grass in the garden too!xx Speedy

  3. I think kitty greens are an acquired taste ;)

    Substitutes are never as good as the real thing!

  4. That is funny. Is it like cat nip?
    Benny & Lily

  5. That would be very convenient to have INSIDE on Rainy days.

  6. dood...we gotta eat growed in de houz grazz two...never haz been a loud out side ta eat reel grazz :( hay, hope ya iz feelin better...dont forget ta eat plentee oh burgerz !!!

  7. Socks, dood, we're all sorts of jealous over here - we need more cat grass (ours got deaded!)

  8. Socks you've got your own patch of grass! That's pawsome!

  9. That looks delicious!!

    The Florida Furkids

  10. Hi Socks!! I'll be right over to share the cat Grass with you!!
    Your Blushing Bride-to-Be!!!

  11. Yea Socks...munch on that are looking very handsome

  12. Hey looks like you are eating the greens!
    Purrs to you and your family my furend to help you stay as healthy as you can.Timmy and Fmily


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