Tuiren Tuesday

Silly Mommy is playing with photographs again, but I do want to remind all my friends of the importance of taking their heartworm preventives. And remember CATS can get heartworms to so make sure they get a preventive.

I also has a bone to pick with Alabama
At the end of August, the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources sent a letter to wildlife rehabilitation facilities and individual rehabilitators that it would no longer be issuing permits for foxes, skunks, bats, coyotes, opossums, raccoons or wild pigs.
 The department is instructing anyone who finds an injured or orphaned animal to either leave them where they are or bring them somewhere to be immediately euthanized. Rehabbers have been instructed to turn people away or take in animals and euthanize them.
 This is just so MEAN!!!!!!!!!! If you agree you can sign a petition here.

 ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD


  1. Hi Tuiren !
    I think you look good in that ppoto your mom played with.
    I think it sounds crazy to not give permits for theese animals :(

  2. Oh those blue...icy blue eyes in the header photo. They get mom's attention every time.

    I think your mommy did a fabulous job with that picture. Looks old and antique...ooops I fink that's the same thing. Like mommy. Old and antique Heeee. xxoo

  3. What kind of a backward, inhumane, stupid-*ssed thing is that, that the Dept of Conservation & Natural Resources is doing? Makes us sick. A pox on the humans who decided that, may Karma bite them in their behinds.

    BTW, we like your new blog look! We haven't stopped by in a while, so it's new to us. :-)

  4. You look great, like the dog of an old english painting! I will sign the petition, you're right that's not fair.

  5. That is one cool picture. And yes heart worm preventatives are very important
    Benny & Lily

  6. That is mean! Same goes for declawing cats!!!!!! And docking dog's tails and ears! And they sometimes dock diary cow's tails! I HATE all of those mean things! People should just leave animals the way they ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ragdoll mommy~

  7. Great reminder, Tuiren!
    Your bloggie looks great, too!

  8. great photo Turien,Mummy did the petition,xx Speedy

  9. Hi Tuiren! I'll be right over to visit you!!
    Your boyfuriend,

  10. We're glad for our wildlife friends that we live a long, long way from Alabama...


  11. bee crazed like that everee wear, knot just yur just de past yeer, fish N game said they wood knot step in ta help a swan with a broken wing ore a deer whoz rear leg wuz broken...theeze bee just two storeez WE noe of....

  12. Your photo looks so good and Alabama looks so bad. My Dad signed the petition!

  13. Hi Tuiren! We think the Alabama Dept of Conservation & Natural Resources is just stupid!!

  14. Very cool photo
    Very hissy Alabama
    We will sign of course


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