Farewell Nikita

Graphic by Zoolatry
Another friend has gone to The Rainbow Bridge. Sadly we say farewell to The Opinionated Pussycat Nikita.


  1. We were so sad that dear Nkita had to go. We know Daddy Kiril is so missing his baby.

  2. to much sad news lately,xx Speedy

  3. we agree with Speedy. This is just almost too much

  4. Thank you Alasandra and the gang.

    A friend, on Twitter, called my Nikita a "Giant", but I feel very small today.

    Her compliment made me cry, yet I know, that we who have recently lost a loved pet are not being sent a challenge we can't handle.

    I have faith that I will be able to make something positive out of this going forward.

  5. This is sad. The Professors Opinionated view was one of the reasons we started blogging.
    We are purring for Dad Kiril

  6. We are so sorry the Mr. Nikita went to the Rainbow Bridge, too!! He was a wonderful furiend and we shall miss him!
    Thank you for the wonderful Wedding blog, too!
    Your TX furiends,
    Samantha & Clementine


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