Socks Saturday Sharing

Fenris and Tuiren found a Goose Feather when they were walking with Mommy and asked her to bring it in for me to play with.

 I enjoy having some of the things I used to enjoy finding brought to me. Mommy kinda had to doctor this photo as it was over exposed. But Mommy really liked the way I was sitting so she worked with it. She had to sacrifice my stripes though.

Because I have Feline Lekumia, which is contagious I can not visit the Butterfly Garden, The Pond, The Woods and The Hummingbird Cottage anymore. I has to stay in the dog yard, there really isn't much to hunt there as Daddy keeps the grass mowed.

 And I can only go out when Mommy has time to watch me to make sure I don't escape.

I also can no longer take my thyroid medication. It was working so well too. The thyroid medication in rare cases can cause bone marrow suppression. Since my bone marrow was extremely suppressed they do not want to take the chance of it happening again.
 So my options for treatment are y/d diet (which means I can not eat anything but y/d food ever - good luck with that) or iodine radiation. Because of my thyroid I am eating a lot. Mommy can't fill me up. One of our friends commented that I was too skinny. I have always been thin, with my recent thyroid problems I am even skinner then I was before. I haven't lost any weight which makes Mommy and the vet very happy, especially as I am not thrilled with the y/d food.  Belive  me Mommy would be thrilled if I gained several pounds. She can not feed my anything but the y/d food or the y/d food will not be able to control my thyroid. She isn't being mean or abusive by not feeding me treats and the other high fat food you mentioned, she is following the instructions she was given by my vet.

They are not sure if the liver enzyme is out of whack because of the thyroid or the steroids I am taking. We are crossing our paws it is the steroid because they will wean me off those. I will be taking one steroid a day for 14 days, then they will retest my blood. If my blood still looks good they will reduce it to half a steroid a day for 14 days and retest, then half a steroid every other day for 14 days and retest, then assuming my blood-work is still OK. NO MORE STEROIDS!!!!! Looks like they will be stealing my bloods on a fairly regular basis (every 14 days) for awhile.

The same person that fussed at Mommy because I am too skinny berated her because Scylla is obese. Yes we know she is overweight and we know all the problems associated with obesity in pets. That is why we are working with our vet to help her lose weight safely.  Reducing an obese cats calories too drastically can lead to Hepatic lipidosis, known commonly as fatty liver, please if your cat needs to lose weight consult a veterinarian for the best way to go about it. Mommy blogged some about Scylla's weight here. We are feed separately now as I can not ever eat her food or have treats due to the y/d diet being used to control my thyroid. The only way the y/d diet will work is if I eat it exclusively. But honestly Scylla never stole my food, in fact I was the one stealing Scylla's food.

Whenever you see a pet that is too skinny or obese please get the facts before you start accusing people of abusing their pet. You have no idea of the pets past or any medical issues that may be contributing to their weight. And just like in people some pets are genetically disposed to be thin while others are disposed to be heavy.

We treasure all our friends and we realize that we can't agree with them all the time and that other peoples opinions and experiences may be different then ours and that is fine. We aren't upset with anyone and we hope no one is upset with us, but we hoped to make our sandbox a bit more pleasant for everyone.

~Socks, reporting for ATCAD


  1. Honey I am sorry you and Scylla had to bear criticism like that. I know you are doing exactly what your Dr. said and just trying to get through this..the both of you. Mom would not be judgmental. Her Admiral looked very thin thru the year before she flew to the Bridge because she was so sick. People should just say nothing at all if they feel critical, because blogs don't tell the entire story.
    Pets and their pawrents who blog are the most likely to be health conscious for their pets. xxoo

  2. We hope your medical treatment goes well, Socks. One ailment is bad enough without dealing with another.
    I know all about hepatic lipidosis. A cat I adopted had it. He was a fat cat and the shelter didn't even know he had it.

  3. We worry about Scylla because she is a picky eater. We are trying to get her to eat more healthy foods, but sometimes she refuses to eat diet foods.

    It really scars the Mom when she refuses to eat. And a lot of people think that because she is overweight it is OK for her to skip meals.

  4. well, as you know it is NOT OK for her to skip meals. I think maybe a second opinion as to foods Scylla can eat and Socks too for that matter would be a good idea if possible. Compare the Vets thoughts and see if there are any alternatives for their dear kitty selves.

  5. There is no reason for humans to make rude comments like that. They just need to go away and play somewhere else. Us? We blocked that human.

  6. Some people can be judgmental and say things without having all the facts. We've been through that in our human family recently, and we know how frustrating it can be.

    We're very interested in how the y/d works. After five cats with hyperthyroid, it would be good to know there is another option available beyond methimazole and radioactive iodine (or surgery). It was our experience that it's hard to be informed about the options because doctors sometimes have vested interests in one or the other, so knowledge is power.

    Honestly, looking at Scylla, she's no more out of shape than Ashton, and we are having the same trouble with her with food. Instead of diet food, we're just trying to get her to canned food and use more portion control, but she is the most stubborn kibble eater ever. Good for you for understanding that skipping meals is not good and going slow with her.

    Purrs for all of you!

  7. Socks, you do what you gotta do to stay well. We knows it's hard, but we sends our purrs everyday that it gets easier.

    As for peoples... if they thought with their hearts first and their own personal baggage second... well, you know...

    Love to ATCAD!

    Harry (omg, you let him go outside???)
    Dexter (he is a pretty *big* kitty)
    Tipp (Ferals can be so mean and they never warm up to people)
    and Willow (she's so tiny, are you sure she's not wormy???)

  8. This is a ton of important information. My kitty cousin is very obese. His human mom wants him to lose weight, but she always gives him table scraps. Mom will remind her to speak to the vet so he loses weight safely, and hopefully soon.

  9. The thing with y/d food is in order to work y/d which is a very iodine restricted diet has to be feed elusively.

    Hill's at this time is the only company that makes y/d food and they have it in canned and dry. Socks who usually love dry food will not even nibble on the dry version of y/d (pork is one of the main ingredients ????) and it took forever for him to warm up to the canned version.

  10. I don't know what Scylla is currently eating (so it might have this already in it) but I've heard that foods with L-Carnitine help cats loose weight (and it seems to be helping Sunny loose weight). The Blue Buffalo (Adult Chicken formula) that my kitties are getting has it, as do several other foods available. Wellness weight loss formula contains it too as does the Blue Buffalo weight loss formula. Just a thought that might help. L-Carnitine helps with fat metabolism and is great to help with safe weight loss in cats.

  11. I read that about the L-Carnitine too and the Iams Weight Control (dry) she is eating has it I need to make sure the canned food does as well. She isn't getting much dry food these days as I can't leave food out like I used too.

    She had lost a pound on her last vet visit and the L-Carnitine has certainly boosted her activity level.

  12. It is too bad that everyone has to hand out advice even if they are trying to help. I feel like the vet is the one that should be telling you what to do. Hopefully Socks will eventually start eating the special food. We sure send tons of prayers and purrs, Socks and to the Mom, some big hugs. I know how hard all this has to be.

  13. Socks, it's great to see you and read that you are doing this well. We wish some people weren't so judgmental. Tell your Mommy not to listen to those bad people.

    Have a great weekend, Socks! XOXO

  14. I am sorry for what I have said. I NEVER meant to offend/ hurt your feelings!!

    Please forgive us and know that I am not a bad person! I am very sweet and kind and I try to be the nicest person I can be! And we try NOT to be judgmental! And I am not a perfect person:-( (I am not perfect like other people:-( NEVER have been:-(

    Maybe I should just stay away from you.....'Cause I am not purfect:-(

    Sorry, Scylla&Socks!

    Ragdoll mommy~

  15. And I didn't mean to call Scylla fat or Socks skinny.

    Actually I never said ANYTHING about Scylla.

    And I truly only want the best for them!


  16. We are not mad with you. But a little upset:-(

    H&K Ragdoll mommy~


  17. Lots of hugs for you Socks!! I'll be right over to cuddle with you!
    Your Samantha

  18. Hope everything falls into place and everything gets all figured out for you. All our feets are crossed for you
    Benny & Lily

  19. Hey don't worry about what other people think,As long as you know that you are doing the right things thats all that matters,Speedy is over weight but that comes from being in pain from before he had his eye removed because he didn't want to do very much and the only way we could get him to take his meds was by giving lots of treats but he is on a lite pellet now and not very many treats and he is becoming more active now as he has now pain so he will trim up but it will take time,and you know what I didn't even notice the different weight issues with you all,all I saw was some beautiful cats and dogs,which you all are so keep up the good work with you parents and forget about the negative people,we love you,xx Rachel and Speedy


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