Tuiren Tuesday

Can you believe today is  October 1st?????? Neither can I.  Mommy says I am looking fat and sassy.  I looks so much better then I did this time last year. I don't have any patches of missing fur on my body. Today my fur is sleek and shiny, life is good.

The Humane Society has these tips for recognizing a neglected pet.

Signs of neglect:

A shocking number of animals die from neglect every year, right under the noses of the entire community. If you see an animal in distress don't assume that someone else will take care of the situation; take action! Pay particular attention to:
  • Chained dogs are most likely to die from starvation, dehydration or hypothermia, since their confinement renders them especially vulnerable and helpless.
  • Animals without shelter in extreme heat or cold.
  • Clearly emaciated animals: clearly visible bones and lethargy can be a sign of an untreated, life-threatening medical condition or imminent starvation.
  • Obvious, untreated wounds or other medical conditions: animals who are limping or otherwise demonstrating distress, and animals with multiple patches of missing fur and open sores need treatment.
  • Too many animals living on one property. This can be a sign of animal hoarding.
  • Dogs or cats inside abandoned homes. Reports of companion animals abandoned and left to die inside vacant buildings or apartment units are startlingly common. If you notice a neighbor has moved or has stopped coming around to a residence where you animals live, be extra vigilant.
  • Some dogs bark and whine to express their anxiety when they are left alone, but a dog who is howling or barking for more than a day sending out a clear signal that he's not being attended to. He may be injured or he may be abandoned. 
When I first meet my Mommy she didn't know I needed her help. Obviously I wasn't chained, as I was running FREE. I wasn't emaciated but I was very lethargic. Mommy thought I was a really OLD doggie because I acted so tired (that was because of the heartworms). I did have multiple patches of missing fur, thanks to those nasty fleas. So I had two signs of neglect, I am sure glad Mommy figured out I needed HELP.

I wants to add that just because a dog is chained doesn't mean it is being neglected and people shouldn't get their panties in a wad just because a dog is chained up. Mommy had to keep me on a chain for awhile. Mommy made sure I had shelter (my dog house), she made sure the chain was long enough for me to move around a large area, and she made sure I always had food and water and she took me walking so I could do my business away from where I was chained. I also got to come inside the house often to spend time with her.

Annie Tuiren reporting for ATCAD


  1. We're glad your Mum worked it out, too. Just can't believe people who just leave their supposed 'friends'...walk out and that's it!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Thanks, T. These are good clues about detecting neglect. You are looking sassy, not fat!

    Love and licks,

  3. Unfortunately, there are way too many dogs like this. Good post.

  4. We're glad your Mom found you and knew you needed help. We're so happy that you're doing so well.

    The Florida Furkids

  5. super great tips and we thank you for sharing are NOT fat! "Sassy" maybe, but NOT FAT!

  6. WONDERFUL Post... We really like the Reminder that not ALL chained dogs are mistreated. MANY of them are really WELL cared for... folks just may not NOTICE that they are being Fed and Watered and WALKED. Some are chained for Special Reasons... just like YOU were.

  7. You are a fine looking beagle, Annie Tuiren :) Is wonderful your mommy recognized something wasn't right about your situation and took action.

    We would add one should check your local ordinance pertaining to chaining dogs. Here, it is illegal to chain a dog for over 1 hour. After a 3 hour break, the dog can be chained another hour.

  8. Pawsome list and reminder. Happy 1st day of October. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. Very good points in the post! Thank you for coming to our Gotcha Day Party for Mamacita and Rosa!

    cats of wildcat woods

  10. I am glad your mum realised you needed help and took you to live with her and your new family. I simply cant believe how some people treat animals and so wish we could stop it all together. Hugs GJ x

  11. Well, we guess that "Fat" in this case is a very good thing, Tuiren. :) You sure do look great!

    Thank you for sharing about those signs of neglect ... very important information!

  12. When animals are fat, it is not good. They can die from being overweight!!!

    Thanks for the info.

    Ps: When people over feed their cats or dogs, it is also abuse!!!

    Love Star~

  13. Ragdoll Mommy, Tui isn't really overweight, just a little chubby. And while Scylla is obese, it isn't due to neglect or abuse. She is on a diet and has her food limited to the correct amount. but she tends not to be energetic and genetically disposed toward fat. Scylla is actually a picky eater.

  14. annie...frank lee we think ya look kinda leen...better beef up on hot dawgs donuts beer...we dinna just type that... N toona !!!

  15. Turien we think you are lookin really good! We know it was a good day for you and your Mommy when she found you.

  16. Chubby is still fat. And not to offend you or anything, but I think Socks could gain some weight, we are glad Scylla is on a diet! Need tips on how to make a cat lose weight? I think I can help you with that. I'll email you tonight:-)

    H&K Star~

  17. Tuiren, you're looking so good!!

  18. Tuiren, you're looking so good!!

  19. So sad to think of all animals who are neglected ...but glad you are safe and sound now!

    Your pal, Pip

  20. Great post and info,xx Rachel

  21. Isn't it great to have a loving home to care for you?

    Stop on by for a visit


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