Scylla Sunday

 Purple is my favorite color so I thoughts I would share the Purple Devil's Trumpet with you. It is safe in the garage now we had a frost a few nights ago. Daddy hasn't put the Greenhouse back together yet. Once he does me and Mommy will have to lug all the plants we lugged into the garage over to the greenhouse. Mouses, it would have been so much nicer if the Greenhouse had been ready before the cold weather.

 We certainly got a work out lugging all the plants into the garage.

 I helped every paw of the way.

 The grass is still purrty and green.

 I am sitting on Mommy's feet so she will have to stand still for a second.

 Mommy planted the Devil's Trumpet in the pot with the Angel Trumpets, so far they have bloomed at different times.

 Now while Mommy is industriously weeding, I am going to do some grooming.

 Being clean is very impawtant.

 I am hoping Brain will come over later and court me.

 He always says the sweetest things.

 Maybe I'll take a short nap before he gets here.

 Mommy, Tuiren went over the fence again.

 Mouses what good are fence if they don't keep doggies contained.

 OK back to my bath.

 I am afraid I may have missed a spot.

 There I thinks I am clean all over now.

 I wonders if I can find some nice dust to roll n.

 Dust does wonderful things for your furs.

Scylla reporting for ATCAD


  1. What a delightful help you are today Scylla! Mommy must count on your help with the garden. You have some lovely plants!

    Brian is really a catch for a man cat!. I hope he was able to make it over. Your bath was great for your furs. A dust bath may have just put the topping on!


  2. Scylla, you look wonderful. Brian won't know what to do with himself if he visits.

    Purple is MomKatt's favorite color, too!

    Happy Sunday!


  3. What a lovely flower! Humans often have good intentions, but time just seems to get away. We are sad to hear all the plants are in the garage instead of the greenhouse. You'll need to help your daddy get the greenhouse up this week ;)

  4. Well, I'm happy to see the Angel and the Devil flowers getting along in the same pot.

    Love and licks,

  5. Ol' Peepers still has to put the potted roses into the garage for the winter. Thanks for the reminder 'bout such things. I'll have to get her workin' on that, ASAP.


  6. I have finished my daily chores sweet Scylla and am headed your way with smooches and hugs!

  7. Your mom is sooo lucky to have her as her little helper , Scylla !

  8. Great job of reporting Scylla. And we love how you sat on the Mom's feet so she would be still for a minute. Take care.

  9. Scylla you are obviously a great help! :)

  10. Some fabulous snoopervising there!
    And after that bath I can't see hoe Brian could resist you:-)

  11. That was good werk of you to lead yer Beins back and forth to the garage.

  12. We agree, powder does wonders for a girls' complection!

  13. You're looking so lovely!!! Grooming is a hard job but well worth it.

    The Florida Furkids

  14. Lots of work for you and Mom and Dad to get done there, Scylla. We love the purple trumpet - we think this is the first time we have seen a purple one.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. I bet you did all the heavy lifting too! Tell the Human that she has to move the plants herself next time.

  16. You are a pretty lady-cat if I do say so myself! Lol.......



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