Words on Wednesday with Fenris

I am thankful that Mommy adopted me from a shelter when I was a little puppy and that I have always had this pawesome home. I am thankful that I has friends and family who love me. I am thankful I has foods to eat and a warm place to sleep. And I am thankful that I has a chance to blog and help other pets find homes.

I want to tell you about a very special doggie that needs a home for the holidays. I sure hope I can helps him find one. His name is Phinneas, they calls him Phinny for short (yep it's pronounced just like my nickname Fenny)

Anyway Savannah posted about him way back in October. Phinny is about 1-1 1/2 years old. Phinny had to have surgery so he could open his jaw, lots of money was donated and there was even a long list of people wanting to adopt him.

He had the surgery and he is all well now and ready to be adopted, but the long list of people wanting to adopt him disappeared. Now sadly no one wants this loving boy. But I just know someone out there has room in their family for this sweet boy.  Savannah did another post about him here. Savannah's Mom Linda and Dad Peter have purrsonally volunteered to transport him to anywhere in Northern California, and as far as Reno, Nevada and up to the Oregon border. But I am betting if you live further afield then that something could be worked out.


Apparently he feels the same way about peanutbutter I do. It is tongue licking good. So please help me help Phinny find a home spread the word and if you are looking for a doggie friend consider Phinny.

If you want to adopt Phinny Contact Contra Costa Humane Society

Fenris, reporting for ATCAD


  1. I am thankful your mom adopted you too, Fenris! You're a lucky doggy to have such a wonderful home.

  2. Oh Fenris, I have leaky eyes reading this wonderful post for Phinny. He is just the most social, loving woofie. Thank you a thousand times over for doing this. Warm paw hugs, Savannah

  3. de blessings oh St Francis two ewe phinny ya finds yur for evers home yet this week

    N fenris N crew: hope everee one at yur houz haza happee non burd pie filled thanx bee givin :)

  4. That dear Phinny sure deserves a happy.

  5. Fenris, we are thankful that you were gotcha'd into such a loviong wonderful home, too.

    We think Phinny is awesome, and we have our paws crossed for a forever home for him SOON!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving.
    We wish Phinny all the best in finding the perfect home. Lee and Phod


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