Thursday in the Garden with Tuiren

 All the potted plants have been put in the greenhouse where they are very happy. The Cape Honeysuckle is still blooming. It is warmer here now so we has the windows open.

 I likes to help Mommy in the greenhouse.

 The Red Hibiscus is fixing to bloom, it has buds on it.

And our neighbors Cameilla  is blooming up a storm. Ours has buds on it and will be blooming soon. They blooms in the winter. Some bloom Fall-Winter and others bloom Winter-Spring.
Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD


  1. Wow, you are lucky to have such nice weather. Nothing blooms here in the winter, mol.

  2. Tuiren, everythingy HERE is all Brown now... butt by Tomorrow it will be covered in... WHITE. Shiver Shake
    Thank you fur putting some GOOD colors in our lives.

  3. Tuiren, do you like to be a gardener???

  4. good thing de flowerz iz inn side guyz...we hurd yur weatherz supposed ta get spazzed crazee...hope it doez KNOT .....

  5. Tuiren, we think it's great that you still have some blooming plants there! Everything outside is kind of brown right now!

  6. What a great helper you are, Tuiren.


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