Thursday in the Garden

Some of the Pineapple Sage in the front flowerbed survived the frost.

A few of the Goldenrods survived too.

This plant has interesting berries on it. It is the Washington Hawthorne I thinks.

And our Camilla is stunning.

There are even a few butterflies that hang around all year. They get in the woods when it gets cold.

And the rosemary as always looks great.

I am off to make my gardening report to Jonesie and the Society of Feline Gardeners.
 ~Scylla reporting for ATCAD


  1. Nice garden report. The Camilla is a beauty.

    Love and licks,

  2. It is too darn cold up here for a garden, brrrrr humbug!

  3. We always live vicariously through you until spring arrives for us. LOL. Trust us, NOTHING has survived our sub-zero Celsius temps! :-P

  4. We love seeing fields of Goldenrod blooming in the early fall. Sadly it is all GONE in our area now. BUTT THANK you fur Reminding us of the Beauty.

  5. So nice to see some green! Everything is covered in snow up here!

  6. We're impressed you have flowers still blooming. The only plants green here are evergreens and some grass!

  7. oh... what a treat to see flowers in december... thank you. - Crepes.

  8. thanx for sharin scylla !!!!...all we can see iza sea oh white for as far az de eye can see...even if we squint :)

  9. LOVE the garden tour! I had camellias when I lived in California, and I really love them. There is nothing green here at the moment, and I do mean nothing, lol.

  10. ooooh FLOWERS. *sighhhh* Our rosemary's hanging on still, but that's about it. And it's even looking a bit brownish. :(

  11. I came to thank you for all the love you been sending to me. I feel your love and its helping me.

    I am so surprised to see things blooming in your world. My world is like a frozen tundra

  12. oh you still have nice things in your garden...even my Camellias are not blooming garden is just all over grown and icky! paw pats, Nana


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