Wordy Wednesday Dean & Tyler No Pull Harness Complaint

Well if you remember when I got the Dean & Taylor No Pull Harness I wasn't happy cause it wasn't blue and it didn't fit right. If you forgot you can read my post here. It took them forever to send the strap that allowed me to wear my harness.

Well NOW it BROKE!!!!!!!! Mommy was walking me and Tuiren and all of a sudden the metal thing front chest strap the leash was hooked too popped off and I was off leash. I wasn't even pulling. It was very scary. Luckily Mommy was able to grab me before I ran off and she put the leash on the back strap. But really what good is a no pull harness that breaks????? We had only had it a little over a year, I really thinks for the price we paid for it, it should have lasted longer. And if I had been pulling, I would have gotten lose, the only reason Mommy was able to grab me was I didn't even realize I was lose as I was mostly walking by her in place. I had just kinda turned to sniff a tree and Mommy was walking along and all of a sudden she realized the leash wasn't attached to me. We had to go back and look for the metal thing, Mommy had hoped that it could be reattached but after getting back to the house and looking at the harness Mommy doesn't think it can be fixed.

I would be interested in learning what harness you wear and if you are notorious for pulling and how long the harness has survived you. It looks like I am going to be needing a new harness. ~Fenris reporting for ATCAD


  1. Dang, that is not good at all!

  2. nuts. :/ stuff breaking sucks. - Crepes.

  3. That must have been very scary... especially for your mum. So glad she was thinkin' quickly and managed to get hold of you before anythin' bad happened.


  4. That is real scary!!! Glad you are ok. I don't have a harness as I wriggle too much! MOL xx

  5. Oh that WAS scary we are glad your Mom was so quick thinking!

  6. fenris...sorree we canna offer any suggestionz bout a harness but we can say ya should send loud barks ta de company N tell em what happened...

  7. That's really worrying to say the least. I'd complain to the company who made it.
    I pull a bit when I get excited but I just have a harness that tightens when I pull. Wasn't very expensive and it's easy to put on


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