Product Review ~Artemisia

Psychic Source offered us a free reading after reading a comment we left on Glogirly's blog. We were more then happy to take them up on the offer especially as we hoped for news of Arty Mouse. Kristine who has experience with lost pets was our psychic.

We emailed Artemisia's picture and info and scheduled an appointment with Sunny, who is super sweet and very helpful. Our appointment was December 18th at 6:15PM, we were on pins and needles all day waiting. Mommy got us signed  in and we waited (Kristine  either was running late or there was some confusion about the time). We decided to work on this blog post while we were 7:15 we got to speak to Kristine.

The good news is Arty is alive. She thinks of us often and wants to come home. She is with a older single woman in the Gulfport area; somewhere near Three Rivers Road, O'Neal Road, Dedeaux Road. The woman takes good care of her and took her to the vet, but the vet didn't check for a microchip. Kristine thinks a flyer at a Grocery Store may be the key. I checked and there are two on Three Rivers Road near O'Neal Nic Nac Grocery and Super C so flyers will be put there and the closest veterinarians offices, if they will allow it. Arty says we will be reunited and maybe in 5-8 weeks.  After the session I posted flyers and info on Facebook.

December 20th I drove over to Gulfport and put flyers out.  Good news The Clerk at the C Store on Lorraine Road at Exit 38 had seen Arty Mouse. She thought on Dedeaux Road near a $ store in someones yard. I concentrated on putting flyers out on Dedeaux Road and at the veterinarian offices in that area.  The CLERK was POSITIVE she had seen Arty.

More good news another pet psychic who is the sister of a friend of mine offered to talk to Arty for her sister. She confirmed Arty is alive and well, and with an older woman who lives alone.

Now we wait..................................................

Artemisia aka Arty Mouse (MIA)


  1. We are crossing al paws. We would love Miss Arty Mouse to come home!

    The Chans

  2. This is excellent're right - now you have to wait - and hope that the lady that has Arty will do the right thing and let her come HOME.

    Hugs, Sammy

  3. We hope you will get good news and the lady who has Arty will contact you and arrange for her to come home to you all.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. thiz bee total lee awesum guyz....we troo lee hope de lady who haz arty gives ewe a ring ta say she has her...we noe waitin iz de hardest thing....we R way mega happee arty iz healhty !!!!

  5. It is good to know she is well taken care of. I know you want her home and I am very hopeful. She is safe and that is important to know too. (Arty)

  6. We hope that Arty comes home soon. It is nice to know that someone is taking good care of her. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  7. WOW...I'm with One Spoiled Cat...this is a tough one......

  8. I hope that things work out with Arty! That would be a very happy ending!

  9. We hope that your ability to focus on a geographical area to find Arty pays off and gets her home soon!

  10. it will be so nice when Arty is back with you

  11. Wow, what an encouraging reading, that is so wonderful. We have thought about your Arty Mouse so often hoping that she would make her way back to you and we will be purring and praying for you and her and her safe return.
    (Thank you for dropping by on my Gotcha Day!)

  12. Wow, we really enjoyed this post and excellent mews fur mew!

    Keep the faith :)

    Basil xox

  13. This is indeed good news!



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