Product Review ~ K-10+ Dog Supplements with Tuiren

I knows you were expecting Fenris since it is Friday, but he wouldn't drink the water, so I gets to do the post. DogTime Media  offered us the opportunity to be part of their DogTime Champions Program and we were asked to review K-10+ Supplement For Your Dog's Water. We were provided with the supplements free of charge to review. They has Multi-Vitamin, Glucosamine, Omega 3, UT Support (we are going to try this one next as Mommy thinks I need it - I turns the lawn yellow), Senior Care and Calming. We are going to send the Calming home with Mister Who as he suffers from anxiety. Fenris and I are pretty laid back dogs. We will let you know if it helps the wee one.

Mommy choose to try the Glucosamine first, as she is always worried about Fenris' joints. Considering our weight Fenris would need two packs (over 50 lbs) but I would only need one (11-50 lbs) and Mister Who would only need half a packet (Up to 10 lbs). She placed one packet in the water. It didn't dissolve immediately so Mommy stirred it up with a spoon and got all the lumps out. She thinks it might have had trouble dissolving because the water was pretty cold when it came out of the tap. We are on well water and are experiencing COLDER then normal temperatures. Fenris and I both rushed over to see what Mommy was doing and sniff the water. Fenris refused to have anything to do with it.

I on the other hand LOVED it. I drank more then I normally do.

I gives it 4 paws up.

Mommy and I like the fact it was designed for maximum hydration and palatability as well as 90% absorption of the vitamins. Mommy didn't notice an odor but she said the way me and Fenris was sniffing it was obvious we did. And I obviously liked what I smelled. None of us really noticed the color shift in the water once Mommy got it stirred up good.

One of the things that Mommy was so pleased about was that it is SAFE FOR CATS!!!!  Since we all share the water this was very important to Mommy.

K-10+ doesn't contain any artificial flavors, colors or dyes. We really LIKE that. It will last up to 3 days once it's added to the water but it is good for 3 years before you open the packet, and the different products can be mixed with one another.

If you wants to try it for yourself you can look online @ it is also available at Petco stores.


  1. Good review pals. M said we'll have to keep that in mind.

  2. What a great way to get your supplements! Good review, Tuiren.


    THIS is a very INTERESTING review... We like learning about pawducts that make us Healthy. No PetCo close to where we live.

  4. That sounds pawsome! Too bad Fenris won't drink the water with the supplement in it :(

  5. grate ree view guys N thiz product sounds grate az well...anything that can bee added ta de waters N doez knot smell iz a plus for kittehs...ask S & S bout tryin ta pill a cat !!! hope everee one haza cod kinda caturday anda salmon samich sunday !!...sorre socks....


    just pree tend XXX

  6. Silly Fenris should give it a try!

  7. TW thinks the reason I stopped drinking water was cos they were adding stuff for my teeth to it. I’m glad something like this exists for the dogs.


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