Thursday in the Garden with Fenris & Tuiren

Last week it got colder then normal here. We had ICE in the pond.

Mommy wouldn't let us get in the ICE WATER.

We were kinda hoping that if it was going to be that COLD we would get some SNOW.

Our Rosemary didn't mind the cold weather. It is even blooming.

Lots of our plants were OK with the frigid temperatures.

The Bottlebush and Azaleas are OK.

And the Camillas are OK.

We are making the report this week for the Society of Feline Gardeners.

Hi Jonesie, Fenris & Tuiren reporting for ATCAD


  1. Wow you guys have a nice garden even when it is THAT cold!

  2. Wow! Can't believe you had ice there!

  3. The pond near US is frozen SOLID... Trust us... your mom made the right decision . It would have frozen your paws and furs.

    Glad that your plants are OK with the cold.

  4. Before we know it the gardens will be warming up!

  5. We think the sunshine and the lovely green is very beautiful and we know it's got good and cold if there was frozen ice!!!

  6. Snow would have been fun for you two!

  7. You must be the very best canine reporters for the Society of Feline Gardeners!


  8. Spring is coming soon! :) Your garden is doing well!

  9. Oh wow, which it was that cold here, I can't see any snow in sight:-(

  10. guys...we loves yur any fish in ther !!! if ya find sum dont tell socks tho...we noe him wood wanna eat em :(

  11. Were glad that your Mom didn't let you get near the pond. Your garden looks very nice. The Rosemary plant is huge. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)


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