Friends on Friday

Mommy made a new friend. She found him wondering around close to the Latimer Community Center. Thankfully HE HAD A COLLAR ON. And the collar had his CONTACT INFORMATION on it. Mommy was able to get in touch with his owner after they got off work and return him. He had been missing for awhile and both the dog and person were ecstatic to see one another. Mommy said you should have seen the doggies tail wag and the smile on his face once they were reunited.

We are just thrilled Mommy didn't bring him home. ~ATCAD


  1. WE are giving your mom an A+ 100% and a BRAVO fur doing that super good deed.

  2. That's our kind of Friday good news! Hooray! And good for the dog's owner putting the info on him so your mommy could CONTACT them!

    Happy weekend!


  3. YAY !!!!! thiz iz de kinda familee ree union storeez we like ta heer bout :) hope everee one enjoyz de week oh end N heerz ta platez oh perch ♥

  4. We're so glad the dog is back home! Kudos to your mommy for making the effort :)

  5. Finding a lost furiends home is allus good. TBT did that with a cat invading our yard a few yers ago and still feels good about that. As he SHOULD!

  6. So glad your mom found the doggie's humans and reunited them. Your mom rocks!


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