Wildlife Wednesday

A lot of our friends have commented on how rude the geese they know are. Ours must have attended a Manners Class as they are very nice. We thoughts we would tell you a little about them. We don't know where they come from but sometime in late January or early February a flock of like a zillion geese arrive. There are so many the sky gets dark and the pond is full of geese. They make a terrible racket with their honking. Luckily for us after an hour or two they all leave except for Mr. Gander & Mrs Goose.

Mr. & Mrs G stay pretty much down at the pond just walking around eating bugs and grass. Then Mrs G gets on the island in the middle of the pond and makes a nest you can barely see her even when you know she is there. Mr G stays in the pond or on it's banks guarding her. When the weather is really nice she will get off the nest and come eat with him. And there must be some sort of Geese Rule about nesting, because they will drive off any other geese that land in the pond although they don't bother the other birds wood ducks (maybe Mommy will get a picture one day they are good at hiding and very fast), egrets, cranes and assorted other water birds. They never bother us even when Mommy walks the dogs down by the pond. They just get in the pond. We have to say we don't bother them either. Fenris & Tuiren don't even bark at them.

Sometime around Easter the goslings will hatch. They walk around eating grass and looking cute until the goslings get big enough and then they all go off somewhere and we don't see them again until next year. We don't have a problem with goose poop as they stay mostly in the back.  We enjoy having them as guest but we are very glad they attended Manners Class after reading about some of the geese you know.

We hopes you have enjoyed learning about the Goose Family. ~ATCAD


  1. Do geese ever fly into windows like sparrows? We would LOVE a goose...

  2. Do they leave millions and millions of goose candies all over the grass? Yum! That's what I love about them. That's what Mom does NOT love about them.

    Love and licks,

  3. Because they stay in back and have a rather large area the goose candies aren't a problem for us. But since Mommy was raised on a farm (kinda) she is used to stuffs like that.

    As far as we know they do not fly into windows.

  4. I (Frankie Furter) once Found a Goose Egg... It had rolled out of the mom's nest. I felt very much sorry for the mommy.
    I was NOT afraid of her... and I didn't bother her.
    We can't wait to see pictures of the baby.

  5. We love geese! I love watching them fly overhead and sitting in the fields etc.. And my huskies love the sound of their "honks" and like to sing along with them!!! BOL
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  6. Jenna loves to see geese in our backyard. I suspect she'd run from one if she were outside, though ;)

  7. you never bark when you see them? wow! I can't wait for the small gooslings. I specially love the "goose-treats" on the meadow. Have a great wednesday!

  8. guys...all burds bee rood stoooooopid noizee caca droppin bug infested flyin things.....

    hay, gotta keep up R image rite !!

  9. We would totally chase the birds or at least Hailey would.

  10. We know that we would chase the geese for sure. We have lots and lots of Canadian geese around here, and all they do is leave lots and lots of beg messy poo everywhere. Not fun when you are trying to walk and the sidewalk is covered:(

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning


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