Happy Earth Day

We are celebrating Earth Day by spending the day outdoors. The Sky Flower is blooming.

The Angel Trumpet is blooming we has yellow and white blooms at the moment.

The goslings are getting bigger.

There are five of them now.

When they first hatched out there were six, but the littlest one that had a hard time keeping up is gone.

This made us very sad, but we are happy the other five are doing OK.

Mr & Mrs G. keep a close eye on them. We also has a hawk that visits us. We will try to get a picture of it soon. 


  1. Happy EARTH DAY!

    Those geese sure look big, but we still like ta meet one up close and toothful (er, personally). Ya never know until ya try.

  2. Happy Earth Day! Sorry to hear one of the goslings has gone but everyone else looks well and happy. Enjoy your day - we sure will!

    Hugs, Sammy

  3. Happy Earth Day!

    We hope that the geese enjoy it, too. It's great that you can watch them raise their little family.

  4. Happy Earth Day to you all.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. your gorgeous garden is a great example of helping the earth! Happy Earth Day!

  6. What a great way to spend Earth Day! We're sad to hear one of the goslings is missing :(

  7. Happy Earth Day Efurryone! Me-Ommmmmmmm, Zoe, Ku, and the whole pack

  8. Happy Earth Day
    Angels Abby & Grace

  9. all burd jokes a side guys...hope mom gooze noes ta head for water when de hawk iz a round...happee earth day two all !!

  10. Happy Earth day. A lovely post. Sad the little gosling died but the others are so cute

  11. They sure are cuties! We love, love, love our planet! Happy Earth Day!!!

  12. Happy Earth Day! Those goslings are too cute.

  13. Great way to celebrate Earth Day ! Purrs


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