Saturday Sharing

Mommy added some Coleus to the Peace Lily to give some color to the arrangement.

The hot pink Coleus is called Carnival, the others didn't have interesting names.

This arrangement is doing good.

Mommy found the cobalt blue pot on sale at Walmart, and she got the plant stands at the Herb and Garden Fest.

We just love the blue Superbells, although they look more purple to us.

This is the Superbells when Mommy first planted them. She got plants that weren't blooming so they would do better and bloom more for us.

This is an old favorite that did well over the winter in the green house. Vinca seem to be very hardy. ~Fenris & Tuiren reporting for ATCAD

Clementine @ Life from a Cat's Perspective is missing please purr that she will be found soon her parents are very worried. And if you live near them please keep your eyes peeled for her. 


  1. Looks really good over at your place !
    Happy CATurday :)


  2. Your pots are looking fabulous! We hope the kitty is found soon.

  3. sooo pretty! We are very sad about Clementine and are hoping she comes home soon!

  4. You always have such pretty flower arrangements. Mom says it is time here to decide if it will be OK to put some pots on the deck or will Lightning be up to his tricks?

    Happy weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Paws crossed for Clementine. Your flowers are so pretty!

  6. Everything sure is looking pretty! We sure hope dear Clementine comes home.

  7. We love yer coleus. We have some started, but we dont know what they will look like yet.

  8. Thanks for purrs and prayers!! I have not been able to find her any where!
    Samantha & Mom


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