Thursday in the Garden

The Verbena is blooming unfortunately bad Mommy didn't get the bed weeded.

The Bugleweed is blooming, a lot of it died though so this bed doesn't look very good Mommy needs to do something with it.

The wisteria is looking good.

The Fetterbush is fixing to bloom.

Mommy got some plants at the Herb and Garden Fest. This is the Ruby Leaf. It is a tropical and likes sun to part shade.

Mommy also redid these containers. This has the Rosemary that lived over the winter so it is pretty large. She added Diamond Frost, Flying Colors Red (Diascia hybrid) and Asian Jasmine.

This has all the above stuff with the addition of Superbells Blue (Calibrachoa hybrid).

This is the Royal Purple Queen Mom found at the Herb and Garden Fest.

She drug the Angel Trumpet outside.

She planted some Dusty Miller with some Bleeding Heart. ~ Socks & Scylla reporting for ATCAD


  1. Our flowers are months behind yours! But yours are pretty.

  2. Wow, lots and lots of great flowers. Spring is the best for having nice fresh flowers. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Mom has been too busy and tired to do much but maybe that will change now that she can be home more. xoxoxo

  4. Mummy wishes we had flowers in the garden - apparently it's my fault we don't - whoops!

  5. Your garden is looking so pretty. We gave you an award today on our blog. We hope you haven't gotten it yet.

  6. I love flowers and gardens!!!
    Enjoy the spring time!

  7. guys....if de wisteria in de yard heer in Tt comez ta life we iz gonna buy it a car ore sum thin else crazed .....coz itza sad sorree lot oh nothin rite now.... happee thurzday !!

  8. Your mommy is way ahead of me--I plant one little corner by my apartment porch. I still haven't decided what to plant there!

  9. Your mommy has a lovely garden! Wooowooooo, Ku

  10. Spring is looking mighty nice at your house! :)

  11. We are so happy to see Spring springing up!


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