Wildlife Wednesday

Mommy got some absolutely fabulous photographs of the Blue Heron.

Usually he is very shy and stays on the back side of the pond. Normally he flies off if Mommy gets close enough for a photograph and he moves way to fast for her to capture him on film if he is moving.

We thinks he is a very attractive bird.

He eats snakes and frogs and stuffs.

One minute he was by the pine tree and the next............................

He was by the woods Mommy never saw him move.

Do you thinks he has a magic transportation device?

We has a few more photos of him for your viewing pleasure.



  1. Your mom is a very talented wildlife photographer ! Purrs

  2. Great shots of the heron. We've seen one in our park before, but mummy's pics were terrible lol

  3. He's impressive! We wonder how many meals we could get from him....bbq-ed, maybe? Kidding!

  4. it's great to watch animals from a distance, I wish we had more wildlife here too. Have a great wednesday!

  5. Your mom got AMAZING pics of the heron. SNAKES.... hope he has a REAL love fur eating SNAKES.. That would be GOOD.

  6. UH.......if him haza magic transport dee vize.. pleez make sure itz KNOT set ta TT !!!!


  7. Maybe he is getting used to having your mom around. Our pawrents would love to get that close to a great blue heron.

  8. That blue heron sure is a handsome bird!


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