Fenris Friday

 I get to show off our flowers today.

 They sure look pretty, I don't understand why Mommy puts the prettiest ones in the front yard. They should be in back with me and Tuiren.

 Now I has to teach this stick some manners. It is just laying in wait to trip Mommy. I can't have that.

The front flower bed is looking good. We are sad cause we don't think the Coral Bean is going to come back.

Fenris reporting for ATCAD


  1. Beautiful flowers! We don't have any yet cause our winter was so long. Thanks for sharing and helping us feel like it is spring.

  2. We agree... the flowers should be where YOU can enjoy them.

  3. Such pretty flowers, Fenris. We don't have any yet...our bleeding heart is barely coming up, it's been THAT cold for so long. But eventually we'll have pretty annuals for our back space. :-)

    Good luck teaching your Mr. Stick a lesson. If Mr. Stick won't listen to you, Nicki can come over and assist.

  4. Beautiful place!!!
    Awesome photos!

  5. Your flowers are looking great! Good work on that stick Fenris.

  6. The flowers are beautiful wherever they are. So good to see you ...we have missed you!

    Angel Pip and Ruby

  7. We think mom is going to take a chance and plant some pots here too. Hope they turn out as nice as yours.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning


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