Product Review - (Saturday Artwork)

I had the opportunity to review a product from and was pleased to accept the offer.

It was very hard to decide what to choose they have lovely prints of cats, dogs, butterflies, hummingbirds, horses and various other animals I love. But I finally settled on a peacock print.

My Dad raised peacocks for a very short time, and a friend of mine has an ostentation of peacocks, that I love to visit. It's really neat to see them roosting in her live oaks.  Peacocks are very beautiful and fascinating birds, you can learn more about them here.

I had a $100 allowance to spend and found several reasonably priced prints.  My choice was Daphne Brissonnet Peacock Fantasy III on sale for $12.59. Alas the various options add up fast. You have the canvass options - museum wrap, gallery wrap, or framed canvass (with the framed option being the most expensive). I choose the museum wrap, with regular bars. The cost is now $62.99, painted sides brought the total to $68.39 and the addition of Standard Brushstrokes added $15 for a final price of $83.39. Shipping and handling is a very reasonable $12.99, considering the finished size of the art work is 16 x 20. The total price came to $96.38.  I do think it would be helpful if they indicated the price of the print wasn't the final price. My first choice was actually William Vanderdasson Kittens in the Garden on sale for $47.39, before I realized the $47.39 would not be the total price. After I added all my choices it was well over a $100 before S&H, but I think it would have looked stunning in my dining room. I have added it to my Christmas Wish List after seeing how nicely the Peacock turned out.

I was surprised the canvass didn't have any way to hang it, but am very pleased with how sturdy it is and how vibrant the colors are. As you can see it looks spectacular against my pale blue walls. I love the mixture of colors in it red, purple, gold, green, and blue ensuring it can be used with almost any color scheme.

I found the advice on this site helpful for wiring the painting to hang on the wall, and have added it to Hubby's to do list. While it's waiting I think it looks lovely displayed on the shelf.  

We give 4 paws & a thumbs up. ~Alasandra, reporting for ATCAD


  1. That really is very pretty and 4he prices sounds pretty reasonable.

  2. Dat's vewy nice.

    Luv and Hugs and kitty Kisses



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