Scylla Sunday

I get a nice long post today. I hope you enjoy it.

I am relaxing in the Hummingbird Cottage with my brother. It was so nice of Mommy to get a double chaise lounger for me and Socks to enjoy.

Come on Mom I need you to take some pictures for me.

We has lots of things blooming.

I instructed Mommy to leave the purple wildflowers in the flowerbed they look so pretty.

The Grancy Graybeard is getting ready to bloom.

The big Azalea down at the pond is GORGEOUS.

OK, I am ready to relax on the chaise lounge again, you may go weed Mommy.

I has to keep an eye on her or she will slack off.

I totally don't understand why she thinks SHE should be the one laying up here relaxing. SHE has work to do.

Besides weeding she needs to fertilize everything.

OK, I am ready to show you more stuffs.

The roses will be blooming soon, this one is a little early.

The Johnny Jump Ups have jumped right up and are blooming up a storm.

These cute little wildflowers are all over.

The trailer has some interesting smells in it, I has to check it out.

It is also a good place to lay down and relax.

Except sometimes Fenris & Tuiren jump up in here.

No dogs allowed I say.

I am tasting the grass to see if it is sweet.

The Senorita Rosalita Cleome hybrid is doing well.

Our Superbells are doing superb.

We just love the purple ones.

The azaleas all look lovely.

The Pinata Lavender is doing well.

We just loves the purple color.

I look pretty as a picture in my glamor shots.

And Socks and I are very thankful for our family, even if I do hiss at the dogs sometimes.

~Scylla reporting for ATCAD


  1. That's for the garden tour, Scylla. Everything is looking great. Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Your garden is looking pawesome, Scylla! It must be your careful snoopervision that has it looking so great.

  3. We are so very envious of your blooming flowers. Our tulips haven't even bloomed yet. Maybe this week. This winter has been forever long.

  4. What a garden tour! You two look so comfy in the loungers. The garden has blossomed under your supervision ;)

  5. What a great day to be out in the garden. Our mom just loves your huge azaleas.

  6. So many colorful flowers, S. And so many places to relax and chill out (as long as there' son weeding to be done).

    Love and licks,

  7. So many colorful flowers, S. And so many places to relax and chill out (as long as there' son weeding to be done).

    Love and licks,

  8. That was a wonderful tour beautiful Scylla! Maybe we should take a nice long stroll now!

  9. We are so jealous that everyone has a jump start on spring this year! Thanks for sharing though since we are still flower-less.

  10. WHAT a tour of a beautiful garden with loads of great flowers in it. You did very very well.

  11. LOVE your garden and the double lounge is a great idea! Scylla's glamour shot made my mancats quite keen :-) Our wild garden is just beginning to pop.

  12. Lovely, Scylla, everything is just lovely. Mom especially loves those azaleas!!! So vibrant and pretty. She planted a few pots today, let's see how long they last with SomePups.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  13. Your garden is WAY AHEAD of mine. Looks a lot better, too. Hmmm.... I wonder what my peep has been doin' wrong. Probably everything. MOSUES!


  14. That was one of the BEST garden tours ever! And BTW, we saw our 2nd hummerbirds todays cuz they did the aerial dogfights together. Male and female, so there is a PAIR!!!


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