Scylla Tail Update

Just got back from the vet, she still has to wear the cone but her tail is healing nicely.


  1. Awesome news! We'll bet she'll be so happy when she can stop wearing the cone, though. :-)

    Continued healing purrs!

  2. Pawsome news about the tail !
    Sure hope the cone of shame will go away soon !

  3. Good news on the tail... not so good news on the cone. ;-)

  4. We are GLAD that the tail is getting better, BUTT very much sorry to hear about that dreaded Cone of Shame.
    It will be a HUGE relief when THAT comes off !!!

  5. Great to hear about the healing!

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. scylla....WAY happee yur tail iz doin much much better....tho we noe ya due knot wanna wear de cone oh shame...

    may bee sinz itz kinda sorta all most knot quite summer, ya can pree tend itz a mega ice creem cone N it will kinda sorta all most make de dayz seem better

    may be ♥

  7. Ih beautiful Scylla, that is such good news.

  8. Great news!!!

    The Florida Furkids


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