Meowy Monday with Scylla #AdoptaCatMonth

I sure do wish every cat had a loving home like me and Socks.

June is adopt a cat month so I am yelling about Casey. She is in a KILL SHELTER so she really needs us to put our paws together to help her get adopted. She is a beautiful dilute calico like ME.

About Casey

Casey-DSH Female Muted Calico

$50.00 adoption fee covers spay/neuter, vaccinations including rabies vaccine. You also receive a 3 day voucher to any vet in Jackson county for a wellness check and you also get a free name tag from 2 Dogs Dancing!

Jackson County Animal Shelter

4400 Audubon Lane Gautier, MS

Phone Number:228.497.6350

Hours:Mon - Fri,10-4 pm Sat, 10am-2pm


  1. I scheduled a Tweet for Casey for late Monday morning!

  2. Awwww we wish Casey all the best and hope she finds the loving home she and all kitties and woofies and pet adoptees deserve! Have a great Monday! Take care

  3. She is lovely, I do hope she gets pulled - please keep us informed!

  4. Thanks for the Tweet Sparkle. Thanks for visiting everyone and for the good wishes. ~Scylla

  5. We hope that Casey is saved and has a wonderful family in a loving home.
    Luv Hannsh and Lucy xx xx

  6. Thank you so very much, Scylla, for taking the time to be so supportive--especially after "the mad cat lady" ripped into my husband again in the comments section of Riot Kitty's site. You have become a hero in the eyes of all of our pups and kitties, and they will make sure of me coming by here to at least say, "Hi!," as much as possible.

  7. You sure are a lucky kitty Scylla. We hope Casey finds a new home soon.

  8. We sure do hope that sweetie gets her happy really soon.

  9. Casey is beautiful. We are sending purrs that she finds a wonderful and loving forever home.

  10. I love Scylla, she's so pretty! :-)

  11. We pray that someone gives Casey a wonderful home!

  12. "Alasandra, The Cats & The Dogs" has been included in our Sites To See #379. Be assured that we hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

    P.S.: Be also assured that we hope someone will give Casey a good home.


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