Wednesday in the Garden

This is our Sky Flower, it is a tropical so it has to live in the greenhouse in the winter.

Mommy took a close up of it.

The Butterflyweed.

We don't know what this is, we thinks it might be a zinnia.

The Gladiolas.

Pineapple Sage.

This planter has really taken off. It has now become the prettiest, the other one is looking kinda blah right now.

The Coleus is doing nicely.

The Ruby Leaf is looking really pretty.

The Cleome, we are very pleased with the way it has been blooming.

The Herb Bed is looking nice. The Mosquito Plant is thriving.

The Gardenias are blooming too, it's a pity the rain turned so many of the blooms brown.

The Oregano is blooming.

Close up of the Gardenia flowers.

The Dusty Miller and Purple Heart.

Hope you don't mind seeing our flowers a day early we will be celebrating International Box Day tomorrow. ~ATCAD


  1. We'd never hear of a Sky Flower before but it is very pretty.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Beautiful garden! Golden Thanks for sharing. Does the mosquito plant really effective. Golden Woofs

  3. You have so many glorious blooms, it must bring a lot of joy to your mom to care for them and just enjoy their beauty. :-)

  4. Darlings, mommy said that, not me.. we LOVE your garden!!! MOARE!

  5. Your garden is always full of beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing.

  6. your flowers are gorgeous! That is so cool that you have a greenhouse too!

  7. Two thumbs up for the flowers. And four paws up for the gardenias. I could sniff those guys forever!

    Love and licks,

  8. We love looking at your beautiful garden any day of the week! :)


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