Tricky Thursday #ToysRUs #PuzzleFeeder #PetSmart

 I bet you expected to see a gardening post today. It has been so hot and rainy here we haven't gotten out much. Mommy decided I needed to exercise more indoors. I MEOWED for my supper and instead of supper she stuck this in front of me.

 I can SMELL my food but I can't see it. OK, I guess I'll just have to find it.

 Found it!!!!!!

 I discovered that if you sticks your paw in this one you can pick the lid up and get it completely off so you can eat your foods.

 Mommy put most of my foods in this one as she thought it would be easiest for me to do. I scooped the foods up with my paw.

 The drawer was kinda hard for me to manage, not having opposable thumbs, but I vanquished it too.

I even figured out how to close it back. In fact I managed to open them all in record time with no help from the humans, why it is easy enough a doggie could do it.

Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

PS: We aren't telling Scylla that when I went to Pet Smart to find a puzzle feeder they didn't have any for cats. That's right not a single solitary puzzle feeder for cats in the entire store. The sales lady showed me the puzzle feeders for dogs and this looked like something Scylla could do and I was right she has figured out how to open all the compartments. Toys"R"Us® Pets Treat Puzzle Dog Toy claims it has nonslip feet to keep toy in place, but Scylla drags it all around the hall. It also says it is for all sizes, which I find hard to believe. I really can't picture Fenris or Tuiren (the actual dogs) using it. Maybe I'll let them give it a try one day.  Obviously it was designed for dogs to use their mouths, but Scylla has a ball whopping the compartments with her paws and is very adapt at opening them now (we have had it for about a week). ~Alasandra

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  1. My human thinks this looks like fun to bring home to us kitties! I'm not thrilled with the idea, but at least I know 1) it won't be for me, 2) since it's made for dogs, it'll be totally easy to crack, even for Boodie.

  2. Good job! What a fun puzzle feeder. I have a few of them, but not that one. I have a feeling I soon WILL have that one, so I'm glad to hear it easy enough that even a dog can do it.

    Love and licks,

  3. Well done !! clever girl..what a great idea..might need to find something like this for Dinnermintz who is..well lets say speedy gonzalez on the fang! :) great idea hugs Fozziemum xx

  4. Scylla, I'm going to bug MomKatt for one of those! It'll drive my brofur, Peppers, nuts!


    PS It'll give Rachel something to do. I swear that kitten drives me crazy!

  5. That is a great puzzle feeder for Scylla! Good way to dole out treats, too :)

  6. You are such a smart one my beautiful Scylla!!!! I'll bet Sister Gracie could do that too.

  7. That looks like puzzling time fun!

    Pipo needs to get a timed feeder, he is way too portly fur a meezer...
    Minko could use a fortified meal, MOL!

  8. That looks like a lot of work but fun work in the end when you get the goodies. :)

  9. They DO have them for cats. If you need them for dry food you can use a treat dispenser that they have for cats. I have also seen other ones for cats and Jackson Galaxy is coming out with his for cats this October. Is that made out of plastic? If so, be careful, it can cause kitty acne, if not, I think it is just great!

  10. Caren is right, they do make them for cats. We have a Stimulo feeder we got on sale a while back and haven't used yet since it's going to require dry food and we were in the process of weaning off of dry. This makes us want to try it. Anything for extra treats!

  11. That puzzle feeder looks like a lot of fun ! Is it only for dry food, or can you put wet food in it too ? Purrs

  12. My sister's cats use dog puzzles as well. I have seen some cat ones on line. My pups love puzzle time, I don't think I will make my ancient cat hunt!

  13. That looks like a fun puzzle dish Scylla! Glad you are having fun with it!


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