What's in the Box Wednesday with Fenris

Scylla tried to get in the box but she couldn't, it has my name on it.

That means only I can open it.

I can't wait.

It was packed with love and just look at all the loot that was inside.

No wonder Scylla was trying to get in it, she smelled FOODS.

This is a neat water bowl. Mommy says if she ever takes us on hikes with her and Daddy this would come in handy. It folds up real small so Mommy could stick it in a pocket, but you can open it up and it holds water/food.  She has been meaning to get us one, so we were really happy it was included.

A Bully Stick, I have claimed it for my own.

A colorful felt toy, I wants it too, although I will consider sharing it with Tui if she shows any interest in it. I will tell you about the other stuffs in another post, but it was all really nice and we just LOVED getting a Pet Box. We are letting Scylla have the box to sit in, so she got something too and she says she will share box sitting time with Socks. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD


  1. We would like to play with those last two toys, too.

  2. that's a super box, I specially love the bully stick... bet it's tasty and keeps you busy for hours :o)

  3. We love getting mystery boxes. Like the water bowl as well! :)

  4. Great stuff in that pet box, Fenris. We know you will share with Tui - besides, we think it would make for a great tug war:)

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. looks like you got a winner! you was real nice to share so good. an' yer post reminded our mommer she gots a bully stick to gif to the dbd, so cocoa wins even tho she don't lif at yer house.

  6. Fenris, that box is awesome! We sure are glad it had YOUR name on it. :)

  7. Box sitting is great according to the kitties here...Minko claims most of them!

    I say that your box contents were way pawsome!

  8. That's a super mystery box ! It's kind of you to give the empty box to the kitties ! Purrs

  9. So far that box was full of neat things! Can't wait to see the rest :)


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