Fenris Friday

Hello every buddy.

I am giving Mommy my come hither look here.

Tuiren says I am suppose to play hard to get so I am ignoring her here. I wonders if it will work. According to Tuiren if I wasn't so EASY we would get treats for photo shoots.

I went for my semi annual checkup Tuesday and got a good report, Tuiren got her nails trimmed. To bad no one was videoing us in the parking lot, they could have won a fortune on America's Funniest Videos. I do try to keep the Mom on her toes.  ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD


  1. Ha! Ha! T is right. Photo work isn't free. Treats should always be on hand when a good picture is required. I wish I could've seen you in the vet parking lot. That must've been priceless. I usually bolt inside happily, and regret my decision as the door shuts behind me. *gulp*

    Love and licks,

  2. We ALL should get treats for photo shoot!

    Glad the vet appt went well, Fenris!

  3. You're looking great, Fenris. And we're glad you got a good report from the vet.

  4. Good reports are worth a food treat, too!

  5. You always pose so nicely, Fenris - tell Mom that we are bidding her to give you some treats.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. You pose so nicely, Fenris, we hope you got some treats ! And we're glad you got a good report at the vet ! Purrs

  7. Posing Nicely and Going to the Dogtor are BOTH reasons fur PLENTY of TREATS to come your way... Just Sayin.

  8. Looking good Fenris. Glad you had a good report from the vet.

  9. You look quite handsome today in your photo shoot Fenris! Now you have us curious, what happened in the parking lot today?


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