Scylla Sunday Meowing About National Feral Cat Day

Scylla & Socks
National Feral Cat Day, which is October 16 this year is very important to ME. If it hadn't been for Mommy and the people that rescued me, I might be a Feral Cat today. For those of you who do not know my story. I will re-tell it.

Scylla & Charybdis 4 weeks old
My Cat Mom was a feral cat and was probably a victim of the 2007 petfood recall. The Spay & Neuter Alliance had been feeding her and were waiting to trap her until she brought her kittens to eat so they could trap them at the same time, since they didn't know where she was hiding the kittens. They found her dead at the place they usually feed her so they went to look for the kittens, thankfully they were able to find some of us in time. They found four of us still alive.

Mommy went to look at some kittens after Whiskers died, that the lady who fostered for the Spay & Neuter Alliance was trying to find homes for. Mommy was looking for one that looked like Whiskers. She didn't find a kitten to adopt, but she did talk to the lady about possibly fostering kittens.

So when the lady got four 4 week old kittens that need to be bottled feed she called Mommy to see if she would possibly foster two of the kittens. Mommy agreed to foster two of the kittens and she brought me and my sister Charybdis home. The minute Daddy saw us he told Mommy she could keep us if he could name us. So we got a home right away.

You can find out more about National Feral Cat Day here.

They have a Facebook Page you can visit too.

And I thought I would share the Jackson Galaxy video with you before I goes to take a nap.

Scylla, reporting for ATCAD


  1. Feral Cat Day is impawtant to me too....I was found under an abandoned house in the middle of the country without my Mom and my siblings so the shelter said I was a feral baby. Mom and Dad adopted me and the rest is history......your "baby photos" are so cute!!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  2. We didn't know that story about you, Scylla. Thanks for sharing. We are big proponents of feral cats. Our Zoey started out as a feral/stray cat.

  3. You sure did get to go to such a wonderful home sweet Scylla. I love you girl!

  4. Oh Scylla, you are with fabulous pawrents and they love you so much. I know you love them too. xox

  5. We loved to read your story, Scylla ! We're glad you found such a wonderful home ! Purrs

  6. Thanks for telling us your story, Scylla - that is so sad about your mom. :-( Feral Cat Day is an important one around here - it is a cause we take very seriously.

  7. Thank you for sharing your story. We hope all feral cats find safe places.

  8. We never knew your story and that you were a former feral. We're glad you found your forever home so quickly.

  9. I am so glad you and your siblings were rescued. I am sad about your mom being found dead though. I wish every feral could be saved.

  10. We are all rescues, and of course our Scouty is STILL feral! Every cat deserves a chance.

  11. Thank you for the reminder Scylla. I am so glad you shared your story again :)
    Feral Cat Day is very important!

  12. So happy that you were rescued, fostered and adopted! Um... of course it was love all the way!

  13. What a great story! You are so lucky to be rescued indeed.

    Debby in Prescott Valley, Arizona


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