Tuiren Tuesday

I was fixing to  have a good roll when Mommy called.

Gotta go see what she wants there may be treats involved.

She wanted me and Fenris to model together.

He cooperated me not so much.

I do not like to model.

But since Walther likes looking at my pictures, I agreed to pose for a few.

But I really just wants to go for a good roll.

Do you think I let her take enough pictures? ~Tuiren, modeling for ATCAD under duress


  1. You pose purrfectly in the last photo ! Purrs

  2. You and I have that in common. The moment typist picks up the camera I decide I have something better to look at, and look any way but the way she wants me to look!

  3. There can never be enough doggie pictures! You finally got the pose perfect by the last one, T. Gorgeous!

    Love and licks,

  4. We hope you got lots of rolls after putting up with that many pictures.

  5. We think you did a great job, Tuiren. And we hope you got lots of treats for doing so.

  6. You look very cute with your head tilted to one side.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. you look great with the leaves, bet this time Walther looks a very long time at your pictures :o)

  8. Tuiren, you're actually a pretty darned good model! :-)

    Thank your mom for the work email suggestion, it's actually perfect!

  9. YOU did GRRRRRReat Tui... now get back to your Rolling...

    HEY FENRIS... we saw your GIRRRRRRL over the weekend... Just sayin.

  10. Oh Tui thanks for letting your mom take such cute pictures of you. Was Fenris in them too? I hadn't noticed. BOL! I especially loved that last one. It looks like you are staring right into my eyes.



  11. Tuiren you did a great job. You both look wonderful :)

  12. You are a perfect poser! Hope you had a good roll!

  13. Aww, that last one is adorable. Good thing you had a patient photographer. Happy Friday!


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