Meowy Monday with a Bark

OK, we will start with the barker. The Grandparents have a new doggie. In addition to Mutt who lives with the Goats, they now have Lady Meara. She is a collie and lives with the cats.

This bobtail cat likes to play with her.

We thinks she is a very pretty cat.

The other cats are gray and white.

They pretty much look alike.

Mommy tried to get them all in one photo.

Meara is impatient for everyone to play with her.

She loves to RUN.

And she doesn't like to be still.

Playing with the broom is a favorite game.

And she jumps off the porch now. Last time Mommy visited she was scared of the steps and went up and down them very carefully.

Now she races up and down them.

Here she is with our youngest bean.

And here she is with our MOMMY!!!!!!

Mommy we do not like you playing with other doggies.

Now she is playing with Grandpa.

She does not model very well for pictures.

And she LOVES Mommy. She wants to play with her and sit in her lap.

Apparently Meara wanted to take a Selfie.

She really didn't want to be still.

Mommy finally got a good picture of her.

She came to tell Mommy bye as they were leaving so Mommy got one last picture.

And then Mommy started taking pictures again.

We hopes you enjoyed meeting our extended fur family. ~ATCAD


  1. Welcome to the (extended) family, Lady Meara! You sure are gorgeous!

  2. Welcome Meara! Dakota is particularly smitten, especially since he is a barker too! Be sure to stop by Dakota's blog later today (Monday, when I post a review/give-away for a doggy bed! It will be up later today) Barks and licks and love, Dakota and Mom

  3. Lady Meara is a very pretty and active girl. Did you know that the "prove you aren't a robot" thingy is active on your comment page?

  4. Meara is certainly a pretty dog. Border collies are working dogs. We're surprised she doesn't herd the cats! I've heard they are excellent at playing frisbee :-)

  5. Meara is such a pretty dog!
    So are all those kitties, how on earth do they tell some of them apart, MOL!

    MJF Is a barker runner, too...but Pipo is the broom chaser here!

  6. Very nice furry family ! Welcome Meara ! Purrs

  7. Very nice to meet Lady Meara - what a pretty girl!!1 And that bobtail cat really does have the sweetest face:0

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Meara sure doesn't like to sit still. ;) She's very pretty!

  9. We loved meeting the family! The kitties look very much like Arty...

  10. We love your extended family! Lady Meara you are gorgeous!


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