Thursday in the Garden

One of our friends asked if we have micro climates here. Nope, but we have lots of plants that can survive and bloom during our winter. Lots of plants that are annuals in other parts of the U.S. are tender perennials here. And this is one of our favorite winter plants it is an evergreen and it blooms in winter. This one is pale pink.

And this one is hot pink.

Hope you enjoyed our winter flowers. ~ATCAD


  1. Yes, we sure enjoy seeing flowers on a cold December day. :)

  2. since we live in Michigan like the Island Cats, we feel the same! But...that being said, we are having a better Dec than the norm...going to be in the upper 40s this weekend! Wooo hooo! Bring out the shorts!

  3. WOW! You still have garden stuff!

  4. lee that an azalea ? !!

  5. So purrty!
    Well it was about 18F here in SW Michigan so that wouldn't be a blooming here, MOL! But we loved seeing it!
    Like Caren said, its nice here...relatively speaking. Remember last year at this time, OMC!
    But shorts?? Um..good thing meowmy has to wear long pants at her job, she has to work and can't enjoy the temperate weather until Monday, at which time it will prolly be snowing again, MOL!

  6. Tabbies, it is a camellia. Our azaleas only bloom in the Springs. Once upon a time we had "special Encore" azaleas that bloomed all year but they were not very hardy and died during a cold snap.

  7. Dat is just amazin' dat yous still hav roses. Specially since they be likin' da hot wedder so much. Hope yous hav a pawsum day.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  8. It is so nice ta see flowers blooming at this time of year! We dont have anny left.

  9. Your winter flowers are a welcome splash of color. We just got over a foot of snow yesterday. The peeps aren't crazy about it but we are having a great time playing in it.


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