Tuiren has a Date

I am so excited Walter (my very handsome beau) invited me to go to Dory's Party with him. His sweet sister lent me her scarf so I would be nice and warm. I promised not to eat it. And as you can see I sat very nicely next to Walter with my scarf on so his Mom could get a picture of us together.  These scarves are very special as Walter's Mom crocheted them.

And don't forget to send your Stamps to Walter.

Or if you prefer you can mail them direct to the RGT.

Retired Greyhound Trust
2nd Floor
Park House
1-4 Park Terrace
Worcester Park
UNITED KINGDOM Tuiren, who is very excited to have a date with Walter


  1. You two are the cutest couple ever! Have fun!

    Love and licks,

  2. LOOK at YOU! My goodness! Love is in the air!!!

  3. You make a smashing couple! Enjoy the party!

  4. We are going to have so much fun at the party today! You look great in Millie's scarf.

  5. You two look GRAND together in your PRETTY and very much SPECIAL scarves... The pawty is going to be SO fun.

  6. what a handsome looking couple you are!

  7. We think you two make a very lovely couple Tui!!!
    Dory, the Birthday Girl

  8. Very cute :) My stamps are ready, I just need to address the envelope.

  9. You two look good together. Have fun!

  10. You both look so nice together! Thanks for posting Walter's addy, we are saving stamps here!

  11. What a great photogenic couple you are!!
    Hope the pawrty was fun!

  12. You look lovely together ! Purrs


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