In the Greenhouse

The flowers in the Greenhouse think it is Spring, so we captured a few blooms to share with our friends. The Lantana, is a pretty yellow color, we thinks it is called Lemon Zest.  It is really hot in the Greenhouse so some of the leaves are wilted. Mommy watered them and opened a few windows and they perked right up.

This yellow flower is very cheerful.

This has Purple Heart (blooming) Lantana and Artemisia in it.

We hopes you enjoyed our touch of Spring. ~ATCAD


  1. We needed some spring in this snowy, cold week. Thanks!

    Love and licks,

  2. Pretty soon the Ground Hog will be telling us how long it will be until Spring really arrives.

  3. Very pretty- thanks for sharing. The yellow one looks like a morning glory- what is it?

  4. Such pretty flowers! That greenhouse looks like a wonderful place. We can hardly wait for spring!

  5. Yes that yellow flower IS very very cheerful! And don't we all need as much of that as possible.

  6. Thanks so much fur showing us that spring may come back to our region one of these months

    Pretty plants you have there!

  7. Sweetie your spring pics are lovely..we have summer and some things have died..but others are very pretty..the tomatoes are doing well so that's all that matters! we must get a greenhouse here..loves Fozziemum xx


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