Thursday in the Garden

The flowers outdoors are doing well too. The Rosemary is blooming.

The Forsythia is blooming early. Usually it waits until at least the middle of February to bloom.



  1. Springtime?? Already! OMC! Wowee!
    Can you send some springtime here, purrhaps? We have freezing rain, all the schools are closed and later our meowmy/growlmy has to drive 8 miles to her job...sigh...and since she works in health care, she can't just call in or work from home...sigh...

  2. You have flowers already? I'm so jealous. All we have is a whole whack of snow. White stuff as far as the eye can see. MOUSES!


  3. Isn't it awesome! Spring is coming here in Northern California early too!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


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