Fenris Friday (Flashback)

Hi, thanks for coming by to see me.

Mommy loves my tail almost as much as she loves my blue eyes, so I show it off every chance I get.

This is what I thinks of Rainy Days, I do not likes them. I wants to go out and play.

I am carefully watching the woods to see what intruders might come out of them. As a Flock Guardian it is part of my job.

What do you mean I am not suppose to be on the couch?

Me and Mister Who love to play with each other. I can't wait until Eldest Boy brings him by for a visit. He is just a little bit bigger now. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD


  1. You are one gorgeous pup Fenris! I love those eyes and that tail :) It looks like you have a wonderful day lined up for yourself.

  2. Oh, sweet Fenris we are with your Mom on that...those gorgeous eyes and fluffy tail...oh, my!!! The couch looks like it was made just for you. :) Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Have a good one Fenris! Happy Friday.

  4. Aww, you & Mister make a lovely K9 duo :-) We're also not crazy about rain... the one advantage is that we don't have to water our lawn, and the grass turns green, so we tolerate it ;-)

  5. We love your tail and blue eyes, too! We bet Mister Who is impatiently waiting to come see his favorite big dog ;-)

  6. Fenris!
    Wes thinks your blue eyes is spectacular! And wes hates rain too!

  7. You look like me when I am on a chair of the furbidden type...love your baby blues!!

  8. Hey Fenris! You do have some very beautiful eyes and a very floofy tail!


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