Spring (Flashback) Wild Bird Wednesday

Many of you know that we won the Tarrot Reading from Athena & Marie. It was very hard deciding who to get the reading for, but since Tuiren came to us as an adult and we know very little about her past, we decided to let her have the reading. The deck used is beautiful, and the first card made me think about when she first came to us. Tuiren was accepted by the cats the first time they saw her and Socks gave her his stamp of approval (walked up and touched noses). In fact it was the cats reaction to her that made me consider giving her a home. Her reading truly captured her essence. I hope you will go by Athena and Marie's and read it for yourself.  ~Alasandra

 We are ready for it to be SPRING, these are some of our favorite pictures from last SPRING. We are happy to report all of these flowers made it through the winter and are happily growing in the greenhouse right now.

And now we has an entry for...................... Wild Bird Wednesday.

The Canadian Geese fly in from somewhere, Canada we supposes given their name and Mother Goose makes a nest on the Island. Eventually the goslings hatch and we get to seem them toddling along until they disappear for somewhere more to their liking.

Mrs. Goose is sitting on a nest as we speak, so she should be having goslings soon. They usually hatch around Easter. ~ATCAD


  1. Really pretty flower photos! Thanks for sharing. I see goslings in the photo... Is the photo from another time? Looking forward to seeing the new goslings when they hatch!

    1. oh the photo is a flashback! Silly me...

  2. That was a nice reading. I wish they could tell us about their pasts.

  3. Great flashback spring pictures. We are beginning to see a few signs of spring. Hugs, Mags

  4. guys...we R total lee ignoring de BURZ...& R concintratin on de flowerz...glad ta heer they all came bak...ther bee tulipz sproutin R trout towne but last nite getted down ta like 28...de food gurl covered em.... but.......we will go chex out tuiren's reedin !!!♥♥♥

  5. Adoring the precious little goslings. How sweet that is.

  6. Hi Tui! I, Walter, loved reading about your card reading. I think everything they said was very nice. We can't believe your geese are already sitting on eggs but are excited about seeing your babies.

  7. Love the flowers. I can't wait for spring. And my first street nap.

    Love and licks,

  8. Hmmm, in Canada those geese are all over, just as much as here!
    Right now we can hear them a lot, and they are all over by waterways and ponds, in pairs nesting and goslings soon to follow.


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